Jiaozhou, Shandong province, is combining the work of changing customs with the construction of family civilization to bring a new “wind” into people’s homes, China Women’s News reported

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In recent years, jiaozhou civilization Office and Jiaozhou Women’s Federation actively advocate “new style” into the home activities, the work of changing customs and family civilization construction, and actively guide the masses of women to establish a civilized and healthy way of life.On April 6, China Women’s News published an article about it.The Chinese Women s Daily reported that there were happy events held in an auditorium, gongs and drums delivered in a beautiful garden, and family traditions and traditions swept out.These “fresh” scenes are popping up frequently in Jiaozhou city, Qingdao, Shandong Province.In recent years, jiaozhou civilization Office, women’s federation actively advocate “new style” into the home activities, the work of changing customs and family civilization construction, and actively guide the masses of women to establish a civilized and healthy way of life.The family has a wedding event “auditorium” do “when getting married did not want the bride price, the wedding is done in the village hall, the money saved we do a little business, the day over more prosperous.This is thanks to the new customs of our village and the wedding hall built by Secretary Liu.”Xu Lu, who got married in the village, said happily when she returned to her mother’s home.Xu Lu mouth of liu secretary, is jiaozhou city pu ji town songyuan new village female secretary Liu Yanfang.Since 2017, under the call of jiaozhou Civilization Office and Women’s Federation, Liu Yanfang has begun to explore the new practice of marriage and simple funeral. She has transformed the half floor on the north side of the first floor of the village Committee office building into Qingdao’s first rural marriage hall.”The auditorium is provided to the villagers free of charge, and the villagers can hire their own chefs, each table of 12 dishes, basically controlled within 400 yuan, a happy event can save an average of 50,000 yuan.”Liu Yanfang said.Songyuan New Village, Puji Town, will also simplify the wedding ceremony process and optimize the ceremony on the basis of fully respecting the wishes of the couple to ensure that the ceremony is simple but grand, frugal and decent.Last year to celebrate the centenary of the founding of the Party, Jiaozhou city in the municipal wedding hall for 137 couples held a new era of civilization practice collective wedding, the simple marriage has been more and more people’s attention and welcome.According to understand, to stem from the source due to the economic poverty leads to the phenomenon of “high price”, producing soft container bags.for federation also deepen the “country revitalization of the women’s action”, for “jiaozhou qiao sister-in-law” public service skills training, benefit the rural women more than 2000 people, to solve more than 240 jobs, to help rural women stable income, permanent income.”Beautiful courtyard” luogu send “did not expect just to clean up the house can let the secretary to hang out praise, this year I have to continue to work hard, can not tarnish the medal.Jiaozhou city yanghe town Crescent river village after the grid “beautiful courtyard” xian Xiuzhi demonstration household said excitedly.Recently, a search for “beautiful courtyard” demonstration households award ceremony and “landscape Yanghe I am the actor” human settlement environment remediation civilization practice activities in Yanghe town After huangdun grid, accompanied by loud gomez and drums and cheers, the first batch of 45 demonstration households listing.In order to do a good job in this listing activity, women’s federation cadres at all levels in Yanghe town went door to door for field visits, scoring one by one according to the beautiful courtyard to create the “five Beautiful” standards, and screening the villagers with clean and tidy courtyards and harmonious family traditions, awarded the brand of “beautiful courtyard” demonstration households, from the spirit of reward.”Many villagers are competing for the ‘Beautiful Garden’ model through the tree model and benchmarking, which has greatly improved both the appearance of the village and the culture of the village.”Yanghe town women’s federation chairman Yu Ruimei said.In recent years, jiaozhou Women’s Federation has taken the construction of “beautiful courtyard” as a powerful hand to promote the transformation of customs and customs, and fully mobilized the enthusiasm of the masses through “integral supermarket”, “challenge competition” and “dynamic listing”.By the end of 2021, 46,290 “Beautiful Garden” demonstration households had been built in Jiaozhou, with an completion rate of 36.1 percent.The city’s women’s federation also for the city’s 46,000 “beautiful garden” demonstration households prepared with a “gift package” with a change of customs brochure, Chinese knot, in the good wishes at the same time, will change the customs and new wind together to the people’s homes, to create a good atmosphere for every family to participate in the creation of a beautiful garden.”You can’t look at this small two-dimensional code, which can be loaded with our most important baby.”Jiaoxi street xiaoyuan dian village villager Wang Xiaowei said mysteriously.Wang Xiaowei said the two-dimensional code in the baby, is their family tradition.Into jiaozhou City jiaoxi street Xiaoyuan Dianzi village, you can see the villagers’ door hanging “the most beautiful family” honor card, the difference is that there is a TWO-DIMENSIONAL code above, take out a mobile phone “sweep”, xiaoyuan dianzi village village wind story and “the most beautiful family” story will come out.As a famous Xiaolian village in Jiaozhou city, Xiaoyuan Dianzi Village has a history of more than 800 years and rich cultural deposits.Wen Guizhi, chairman of the village women’s Federation, realized that a good family tradition is a treasure that cannot be hidden by itself, but must be displayed for everyone to compare and learn from.Wen guizi’s idea was unanimously approved by the village branch and the villagers, less than two months, 380 “the most beautiful family” stories are all sorted out, together with the wall of each “the most beautiful family” family motto and motto, a small TWO-DIMENSIONAL code has become the pride of every xiaoyuan dianzi village villagers.”After the production of two-dimensional code, everyone in wechat group circle of friends to show their family tradition and family training, the most beautiful family story, like du Yan family filial piety and love relatives, wang Dawei family leading villagers to start a business to get rich, Wang Wenqing family, Wang Xukui family, every year to subsidize college students to study, are the most praised family.”Wen guizhi said.In the activity of looking for “the most beautiful Family”, The Jiaozhou Women’s Federation has selected more than 700 “the most beautiful family” at all levels in the past three years, integrating the new era civilization such as green environmental protection, changing customs and teaching children scientifically, and giving full play to the role of typical models and leaders to drive more families to run their families by virtue, to build their families by learning, to build their families civilized and loyal.”Only in a visible and tangible way can we awaken the villagers’ sense of ownership in participating in rural governance and realize the ideological change from ‘want me to do it’ to ‘WANT me to do it’.”Wen Caiyun, chairman of the Jiaozhou Women’s Federation, said that the next step will be to give full play to women’s unique role in family and social life, so that the new trend of civilization becomes a fashion in the whole society.Source: China Women’s News/China Women’s News omnimedia reporter Yao Jian/Wang Qian