The growth rate is more than 3 times, and generation Z is the main force!Online writing has become a new favorite career for young people overseas

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As a rapidly developing form of entertainment, online literature is increasingly influential overseas. Reading and writing online articles have become an important recreational lifestyle for many overseas youth.Data show that with structural changes in the overseas labor market since the outbreak, many young people are replanning positive transition.Take Qidian International, the overseas portal of China Literature, for example, the number of writers has increased by more than three times;Generation Z, such as those born in the 2000s and 1995, account for more than 80% of overseas writers, and online writing is becoming a new career choice for young people overseas.In recent years, the number of overseas online literature writers has been growing, and their professional backgrounds and majors have shown a more obvious trend of diversification.By reading text combined the national university of Singapore, nanyang technological university launched the 2022 global writer incubation project started, at the same time released statistics show that in literature, history, art and common liberal arts majors, computer science, physics, applied mathematics, economics and other science background are becoming more and more overseas writer;In terms of professional background, teachers, computer engineers, stay-at-home mothers, bank employees and other non-writing-related majors have also become the core force in the creation of web novels.KazzenlX, a Filipino writer and former kindergarten teacher, for example, started writing on qidian international in 2018.Hellbound With You became one of the leading writers on the site.Later, in the Webnovel Spirity Awards 2021, launched by Qidianzi International, her work SPELLBOUND stood out from nearly 80,000 other novels and won the gold medal in the competition.Overseas writers are enthusiastic about writing, and the age structure of writers has become more distinct. Generation Z is becoming the main force of writers.At present, the post-00s generation has become the largest group of Overseas online writers under China Literature, accounting for 56%.The post-1995 generation was not far behind at 25 percent.Among the top writers, the post-00s and post-1995 generation account for 80%, becoming the core of content creation.The youngest head writer, 19, won a bronze prize in the WSA essay contest for his second book.The trend of the creative force younger and domestic article industry, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences recently released “2020 year China network literature development report shows that 2020 new article writer Z generation (born after 95, contains 95, 00 after) accounted for nearly eighty percent, has become a writer team new subject.In terms of geographical distribution of authors, Southeast Asia ranked first with 36.2 percent, while North America ranked second with more than 30 percent.Southeast Asia and North America have become “rich” regions for web writers.”I was shocked when I first read online literature.It’s like watching an animation, but in the text version instead of the visuals.”Snoring_Panda, a 24-year-old new writer from Nepal, is the epitome of a foreign writer who writes by himself.He has been reading Oriental fantasy novels for seven years, and only 24 chapters have been translated into English since he came across Ergen’s Fairy And Inverse comic series in 2014.”I tried to search for other chapters, and it turned out there was a fiction version.Unfortunately, the novel has not been translated too many chapters, but I am already fascinated, can not stop.It was during this period that I followed douro Continent, Coiling Dragon, I Want to Seal the Sky and so on.”Popular films and TV dramas feed back novels, and the multi-synergetic trend of “online literature going to sea” shows that online literature going to sea is showing a new trend.On the one hand, online literature has been accepted and loved by more and more foreign users.By June 2021, Qidian International has cultivated nearly 190,000 overseas creators, and over 280,000 overseas original works have been online. There are about 100 works with more than 10 million hits on the platform, and the accumulated users are nearly 100 million., on the other hand, the domestic good article and IP via “good story” to attract readers and viewers from around the world, including the celebration of years “ZhuiXu” the night “and other works in Japan and South Korea, southeast Asia and Europe and the United States and other regions ratings, ancient architectural structures, festivals, clothes, and the regional customs, such as the Chinese traditional culture elements through work spread throughout the world.Take “Celebration of Life” as an example. In 2019, after setting off a viewing boom in China, the series landed on a variety of new media platforms and TV stations in 27 countries and regions across five continents, and won favorable reviews.The rights to remake The song were later purchased by South Korean streaming platform Watcha.The industry expects that the diversified collaborative new mechanism will help to constantly explore and cultivate overseas potential authors, and provide a variety of incubation carriers for overseas excellent original network literature IP;Improve its own content and writer ecology, and build IP ecological chain with industry partners, to create more Chinese stories to explore the “online literature to the sea” new mode, new space.By Xu Yang. Photo source: Organizer responsible editor: Liu Qing.