What on earth is the dispute between classics and ancient texts?Why carry out such specialized academic research

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Confucianism, as the carrier of Chinese thought for more than two thousand years, has a special position in Chinese academic history.All Chinese are under the influence of Confucius more than 2,000 years ago, but the debate over The orthodoxy of Confucianism has never stopped.Confucianism comes from Confucius.However, Confucius thought was obviously interrupted due to historical reasons, the most direct factor being the movement of “burning books and burying scholars” and unifying thoughts of Qin Shihuang.The Qin dynasty ruled the world by legalism, and Confucianism was not taken seriously, but became a part of the extinction.It was not until the Han Dynasty that Confucianism had the possibility to develop again.Dong Zhongshu “dethroned all other schools of thought and respected Confucianism only”, so that the status of Confucianism continued to rise and become the orthodox ideology.But there are two different versions of Confucianism, the carrier of Confucius thought, because of the way it is spread.One was the version transcribed by Confucian scholars with their own memory. It was popular in the Han Dynasty, so it was called Jing Jin Wen.The other is from the pre-Qin ancient texts unearthed everywhere, such as the most famous Analects of Confucius on the Wall, known as classical texts.There are many differences between them, both in language and in thought, and the debate between the two schools has been going on ever since.To modern people, the debate between ancient and modern texts does not seem to make much sense.When we read those works about the ancient and modern text of the debate, citing the classics, discrimination and authenticity, obviously have the suspicion of bookbag.And this kind of classics ancient and modern text of the debate also let modern we read very uncomfortable, those difficult to say the ancient text, we have rarely used, even now the thought is also out of the shackles of Confucianism, why to understand the classics and modern ancient text of the debate?But in fact, if we look more closely, the human thought is in the same vein, our people can complement each other such a thinking background, must be influenced by the traditional thought.The ideas formed by the struggle between ancient and modern literature must still be hidden in the thinking of modern people.As individuals, we may not know about it. They are part of our thoughts, but we don’t necessarily pay attention to how those thoughts work.But for scholars, they still need to sort out these thoughts from academic viewpoints and find out the whole process of the evolution of Chinese thought, which is not only a part of academia, but also a part of understanding the history of Chinese thought.Zhang Kai, PhD in history from Sun Yat-sen University, with solid academic foundation and rigorous argumentative thinking, sorted out the relevant history of the debate between Confucian thought and ancient and modern literature in the late Qing Dynasty and the early Republic of China, and studied how the debate finally merged with western learning and achieved the change of modern Chinese thought.His academic research has also achieved this book classics, Modern and Ancient literature and modern academic evolution.This book starts from the shu Learning, from liao Ping’s achievements in shu learning and the academic collision between Liao Ping and Kang Youwei, and there is a story about plagiarism or development.Liu Shipei and Liao Ping are the real debate between the present and the ancient;Liao Ping’s disciple’s reconstruction of modern style genealogy;The integration and reconstruction of classics and history;There are “super modern literature” and academic changes in the Republic of China.In this conflict between the present and the ancient, it is also intrinsically related to the academic transformation in modern times, showing the academic diversification, and more importantly, it is integrated with the history of science and occupies a place in the academic history of China.”Classics, Modern and Ancient literature debate and modern academic transmutation” is a professional academic work, which is not friendly to modern ordinary readers.It has a lot of jargon, a lot of ancient citations, a lot of academic rigor, and the debate between the present and the ancient is a little boring for us.Many of us ordinary readers don’t know much about the ancient and modern debates, except perhaps the relationships between those famous figures, which makes reading difficult.At least through reading this book, you can understand the background of professional academic works.Scholars in related fields do not need me to introduce such a professional work.# jeonmin recommended author ## Debate between modern and ancient literature ## Academic research #