Xiyang county supplies market stable and adequate supply

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Yellow River News Network Jinzhong (correspondent Wang Xiaoxian Zhang Zitian Yu Ke Liang) recently, the situation of epidemic prevention and control is severe and complex, The Xiyang County development and reform Bureau closely staring at the necessities of life to ensure the stable and adequate supply of the market.At the entrance of Fangxin Supermarket, the staff strictly followed the epidemic prevention and control requirements, checked the three yards of citizens entering the supermarket, took their temperatures, and reminded them to wear masks, keep a distance, and enter the supermarket in batches.In the supermarket, the goods on the shelves are in order, and the supply of daily necessities such as rice, flour, edible oil, fruit and meat is very sufficient. In the vegetable area, fruit area and non-staple food area, citizens wear masks to buy daily necessities in an orderly manner.Fangxin supermarket store manager Wang Chuan said: “Fangxin supermarket’s supply channel is stable and smooth, rice, noodles, oil, meat, eggs, milk and other basic livelihood commodities supply is sufficient, the price is stable, can meet the majority of customers’ purchasing needs.”Jia Xiaolan, a citizen, said, “As citizens, when we entered the supermarket, we saw plenty of goods and stable prices. We felt relieved.”In the chang Fresh vegetable reserve warehouse, all kinds of vegetables and fruits are available in sufficient supply.It is understood that during the epidemic prevention and control, the overall price of daily necessities in the county is relatively stable.Relevant departments have intensified market inspection, standardized market order, and severely cracked down on price gouging, hoarding and colluding.Wang Jingmei, deputy director of the Development and Reform Bureau of Xiyang County, introduced that as the main unit of epidemic prevention and control material guarantee, the development and reform Bureau has earnestly implemented the requirements of the epidemic prevention work of provinces and counties, closely focused on the supply of daily necessities in the city’s market, and adopted multiple measures simultaneously.We will ensure supply and price stability.First, the reserves are sufficient. The development and Reform Bureau signed emergency reserve agreements with four stores of local large supermarkets, chang Fresh vegetable Company and two stores of Fangxin Supermarket, including 50 tons of pork, 50 tons of storable vegetables and 27 tons of edible oil.Signed with Jinliang flour 250 tons of finished grain reserves, to ensure adequate supply of essential food for the life of citizens.Second, dynamically monitor inventory.Development and reform Bureau of local large supermarkets, jiajiali, Harmony vegetable market, honesty vegetable shop, vegetable shop and other eight institutions of 11 kinds of food, rice, noodles, oil, potatoes, cabbage, rice, carrots and other vegetables inventory dynamic monitoring, the current food monitoring point inventory of more than 400 tons, adequate inventory.Third, focus on price.The bureau currently monitors and compares the prices of 30 commodities, including rice, flour, oil, meat, eggs, milk and fruit, on a daily basis.Once there is a large fluctuation, or appear price gouging, hoarding goods for profit behavior will immediately notify the market management department to enter the management, if necessary, take administrative punishment.Fourth, to MoPai of locally produced ability, the county currently has four pigs, amount of nearly 30000 pigs, chickens four cooperatives, nissan 6000 catties eggs, enterprise amount of 968 head of cattle beef, beef reserves of 140 tons, two flour processing enterprises, the current inventory of 215 tons of flour, the original wheat 9 million jins, six vegetable cooperative,Daily production of vegetables is 42,000 tons, a total of 8,500 jin, so the local food production capacity can ensure the current daily supply.Please rest assured, you can buy fresh vegetables and food at any time, please buy as needed.[Edit: Bing Yi]