Failed 100 blind dates?

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It’s the middle of the holiday, and your New Year phobia is probably already under way.Here’s the routine: an 80-decibel wake-up call from mom in the morning, followed by a “single cycle” throughout the day about taking exams and finding a mate.At 8 o ‘clock in the evening, after dinner to accept dad’s international events popular science, work, social experience guidance.There are two aunts ask your salary, ask about your year-end bonus of the four uncle, let you help cousin to find a job of the three aunt, as well as crying to walk you a set of just heavy gold toys with the little nephew……Let you in insanity and self-cultivation between repeated horizontal jump, several degrees in the night miss north drift, Shanghai drift……Even the helpless and painful life of the village drifts.But what are these small scenes?After all, nothing is more head-scratching than a Chinese New Year blind date.If there is, it must be two dates.Oh, no, 200……Her sister used to think it was all an exaggeration.Until last night, a friend called, on their own this New Year’s day dating experience after a crazy output.I realized deeply that dating is a difficult project integrating sociology, psychology, demography, probability and other disciplines.While we are at it, her sister will join in the conversation.Of course, women are not the only ones struggling in the dating market.So her sister also found a man with experience in the dating market to talk to.Special statement: true people and things, no malicious comparison, belittle any region, group, gender meaning.This article is meant to strike a chord with young people’s dating dilemma. If there is a coincidence, it is pure coincidence.Here’s what they said:Suizi 27 years old North piao Internet industry monthly salary 20K only daughter parents retire and have retirement salary hometown has a house December 28th blind date male 1 monthly salary of 20,000 YUAN I was rejected by the director’s son of 3,500 yuan a month the day before The New Year’s Eve holiday to go home, in order to catch the holiday’s first blind date, I got up at 4am to catch a plane.It’s 3 p.m., and we’re sitting across from each other in Starbucks with a cup of coffee in front of him.”The reference said you work in Beijing?”He started the conversation.In fact, the basic situation of us, through the introduction of each other almost in ten.He is a civil servant and earns about 3500 yuan a month.However, his father and grandfather are both leaders of the system, and his father is the current director of the bureau.In terms of social status, we are not equal in fact, or even that I have “moved up”.”So when are you going to go home and take the gong?”‘he asked me suddenly.I have no idea. Kao Gong?When did I say I was going home?He see my expression doubt, immediately complement: “since you look for an object in old home, you can’t take an examination of civil servant?Don’t take an examination of a teacher what of establishment also line.”When I said THAT I had no idea of taking the exam for the time being, he further said, “You may earn a lot now, but you will have to come back sooner or later. Since you want to get married, you’d better settle down as soon as possible.”He may not be malicious, or even a kind reminder, but may be affected by the family environment, the way of speaking and tone of unusual “mature”, even some “dad”.Makes me feel a little suffocated and repelled.In the silence, before my brain could work out a new topic, he got up and went to the bathroom.Across the way, the straw on his coffee cup had been chewed out of shape and shriveled.When he returned for three or five minutes, he did not sit down again.Directly from behind patted my shoulder and said: “go, go, the day fast dark early go.”My first blind date of 2022, the 43rd date of my life, failed.Because I had no background, no connections, no “formal” job.Even if I made more money in Beijing, I was still at a disadvantage in the dating market in my hometown.Since he knows that I lack “hardware” and have different software (willingness to return home and career outlook), he will pass me off in a second.One of the rules of the game is to be efficient.At the negotiation table of blind date, everyone is actuary, every point is a place to contend for, and there is no need to “face”, can not be polite.”Do you have mental illness?” the blind date man asked me on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th of the first day of the Chinese New Year. That was the busiest day for me.I am like a female star.My mother is my agent, mainly responsible for business and schedule matchmaking with the referees.My aunt is my publicity director, and she keeps telling me what to say and what not to say, but she thinks I can’t keep up with her.My dad was a chauffeur, volunteered to do the whole ride.My grandmother is a sponsor, usually the supermarket is not willing to buy 20 cents plastic bags, just sponsored me 1000 yuan in cash.All right, let’s get down to business.The first stop of that day, blind date object is a male engineer who studies software programming.The other was a king who had taught himself accounting and passed the two most difficult CPA exams.When I graduated from the accounting major sincere praise, his tone really “fan” to me: “ok, is it very difficult?Haven’t you?”Later, in my polite support, he showed his extensive knowledge of history, biology, current affairs and politics, As well as European and American music, Spanish horror movies and other fields.Until finally, he had a crazy philosophical conversation with me, and even asked me a soul question: What do you live for?To be honest, there was nothing wrong with him either, but the overwhelming feeling of this explosive output exhausted my last bit of support.Finally, after my third McDonald’s Coke at 11 a.m., I decided to pee.The second scene, let’s call it “intern boy”, I really don’t blame him nickname.He kept talking to me about his internship a few years ago.I said where we live, he talked about internships;I recommend delicious restaurants to him, he talks about internship;I talk about college, and he talks about internships.Even if you go to outer space, he’ll talk about his internship three years ago, how he got the boss, the client, the big shot he met, but he won’t talk about what’s going on.Then he asked me, “Have you ever interned?” I said I had interned at New Oriental for a while during my senior year.He thought for a moment and then asked the question that made me doubt my life: “So what cuisine did you study?”Me:??I forgot there is a new Oriental training chefs.The last blind date, listen to the introduction said that there is a short marriage history.The first impression was good, and she was dressed very well.Just didn’t say three words, he gave me a question: “are you mentally ill”?I had a brain freeze. What is this operation?Turns out, he divorced his ex-wife because she lied about her mental illness before marriage.But he was the only one of the three blind dates that day who had a follow-up.Just later chat painting style: “are you there” — MMMM “what are you doing” — reading ah “good reading, reading is a good comrade” –…The next day when I refused to continue to contact for the reason of unsuitable personality, he replied to me: no, contact again.Then he tried to teach me that I was too headstrong, thoughtless and hasty in making decisions.I’m so pissed off.The 44th, 45th and 46th blind dates also failed.Never mind, the long march has half, I strive for in the first 100, blind date success!It took me real time to realize that a blind date is 800 times harder to succeed than a job.Self-report: only son home with a house with a few savings Blind date Girl send me to the next location for a blind date To be honest, boys don’t have an apartment and are basically ineligible for blind date in many places.Even the relatives and friends around, are too lazy to introduce you, because the probability of success, the introduction has to be blamed.So when I was in high school, my family prepared a house for me.I always thought I had no housing problems.Until my aunt introduced me to the daughter of one of her colleagues.The girl was lively and cheerful, and I didn’t feel too embarrassed when I first met her.It was a pleasant conversation, but soon she led the conversation to the house.She asked me how many apartments I had and where they were.After I answered, I could feel her pause for a moment.I guess she didn’t like the location of my house or the fact that it was too old to be considered “new”.Because later she asked me my income and plan in Hangzhou, I tasted out, she is to know if I can buy a house in Hangzhou.She also took her best friend as an example, saying that after selling her husband’s original house, both parents raised more money to make a down payment in a big city.Probably because I didn’t respond clearly, and when I found out I had another date.She enthusiastically offered to drive me to the next blind date.I know. That’s not gonna happen.So, men don’t really have “bargaining power” just because they own a house. It depends on where they want it.I was made by the constellation female mental breakdown character is incompatible with this matter, it is not I cheat and play with women’s feelings of the man to speak.What impressed me most was a blind date I had in Hangzhou, where I was the leader of a relative’s child.Therefore, I am more careful in attitude and relationship management.Perhaps she also knew that I was subordinate to her relatives, so she had a sense of superiority.And she seems to like judging people by their horoscope.The first time we met, he asked me what my star sign was.I said water bottles.She just asked, “How many exes have you had? How long was the longest one?”Judging by her horoscope, Aquarius man is a philanter, and uses the people around him as examples.I can only smile dare not say much.Other chat is also, always love to say, I which which friends, colleagues is what constellation, that person love how how.I don’t know anything about horoscopes and I’m not interested in them, but I pretend to agree.I’ve been in constant contact with her for a month or two, and she’s always sharing horoscopes and personality analyses with me.I’ll just reply “nice” or “interesting” or something like that, or some memes.Later, we completely broke off the link, my leadership told me, the girl told the family that I this person, not active, boring also pretend high cold.Guys, don’t they say on the Internet that blind dates set up by relatives are the most unreliable?However, the blind date introduced by the leader is the most difficult.Enthusiasm like a plot, polite like a fool, do not like the topic also have to smile……I know that I am blind date, do not know that I climb up the “princess”.Every time I talk to my friends about dating, they feel like jokes.But after understanding, only to find that the reality of the blind date is really to catch more horse have more horse.A friend with experience in blind date told her sister that if she really wants to find a “reliable” marriage partner through blind date, she should take at least 20 to 30 dates as a basis.The so-called quantitative change produces qualitative change, only the greater the cardinal number, just more likely to hit.In grassroots dating stories, women are most concerned about childbirth, while men are most concerned about marriage.In addition, work is a necessary condition, have siblings, parents work is an important condition, appearance is additional.The so-called character and feeling, can not meet.Dating corners in parks have become increasingly popular in the past two years, with parents anxious to turn around and bring photos of their children to the park to practice.You look at mine, I judge yours, all of us are being singled out here.Her sister saw a video online of a boy going to a blind date corner in Shanghai.An aunt asked if there were Shanghai households, the boy said no, but their hometown has five or six suites.Aunt a listen to turn around and walk, not outsiders.The boy then flashed his card, hometown is Beijing.Aunt brake suddenly u-turn, took out a mobile phone: “Beijing can, add a micro letter.”There are nearly two years of the most popular 985 dating bureau, but also the “efficient” two words to the extreme.In this bargaining, the tug of negotiation, drowned the young love.Ma Weidu in “round table party” said: “blind date in the biggest two words, called disappointment.”The model of blind date is a transaction in which one’s chips are packed and the target is extremely clear.Yet what seems to be an efficient approach almost always ends in failure.One of the most difficult ways of choosing a mate for love is given the most conditional expectations.Young people fall into matchmaking anxiety.The different frequency of awkward conversation, the beginning without matting, and the straightforward courtship language make the young people, who pay special attention to their own feelings, especially uncomfortable and resistant.Many people don’t want to spend their time or emotional value on dating, and the value of dating is being eroded over work, socializing, entertainment and self-improvement.Eileen Chang said, “People like us who grew up in an urban culture always see pictures of the sea first, and then the sea.First you read romance novels, then you know love.”You see, young people do not believe in love, but they look forward to it most.So, in a maximally utilitarian way of mate selection, how to breed young love?Her.