Finish!Chinese women’s curling reverse Canada!Wang Rui is very stable to win the game, the future can be expected!

2022-06-21 0 By

Beijing time on February 16 to continue curling women’s group single round robin, the last match of our opponent is Canada.Canada missed the last pot of the first set and we stole a point.In the second frame we dominated both the pot and the center, and with Canada making another mistake, we scored another two points.Base camp in the third set was not complicated, and Canada’s passing was accurate and they saved a point.In the fourth set, China missed two passes in a row and Canada stood guard to steal two points from behind.In the fifth game, we always had the advantage in the base camp. Wang Rui scored 2 points after setting up, leading 5-3 in the first half.The sixth game wang Rui the last pot power is small, did not clear out any pot, let Canada four POTS are in the effective score.Combined with a backhand spin, Canada scored five runs in one inning.In the seventh inning, China hit a two-run pin, and we scored two runs after Rui wang’s steady spin.We stole a point in the eighth when Canada misplayed the last pot.The ninth base camp was uncomplicated and they saved a point when Canada backhanded in.At the end of the game, we were down 8-9, but in the last game we came from behind.From the beginning of the 10th game, Canada certainly does not want us to get a big point, and the whole camp is not complicated, we play after winning 1 point, both sides tied into overtime.Canada lost the pass in overtime, and our pot was still in the center.Even Wang Rui’s last pot stopped in the center of the circle to give Canada great trouble.With Canada’s last pot error, we stole two points in overtime to beat Canada 11-9.From this competition, Wang Rui’s play is too exaggerated.Especially at the critical moment, as long as see Wang Rui appeared, the heart feel stable.According to this development trend, our future is worth looking forward to.