In 2013, a man saved a young man who died, leaving his pregnant wife behind, and the young man repaid his kindness by marrying her to take care of her

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As the saying goes, saving a life is better than building a seven-story pagoda. When you see someone in danger, it is a matter of course that you can reach out and help them. I believe everyone will think so.But if you see others in distress, need to pay the cost of their own lives to save the other side, I believe that this step is not much, but also some.Today’s story, the hero is to pay the price of life to save the boy’s life, then the boy is how to do it?The winter of 2013 was not too cold.Although the river in Shijiazhuang is frozen, it is not very thick. However, some people still choose to fish or even play on the ice.And so the people who fell into the water are not a few, more people have died.Wang, a native of Heilongjiang province, is an employee of a well-known company and has stayed in shijiazhuang since graduating from a university in the city.As he was a good talker, he worked as a salesman in the company.The company also thought highly of him and rented a house for him.Wang lives in a residential area with his company across a river, Wang can see the office building on the other side of the river from home, that is where he struggled, but also where he created his own dream.As a young person, always want to sleep late, stay up late, these seem to be young people should have key words.Wang mou is also the same, it is such a habit, just have the story behind.One day, Wang mou a open eyes, see the head of the bed of the alarm clock, he silly, yesterday evening forget to set, today there is an important customer to talk about.Without further ado, he got up, brushed his teeth hastily, put on his clothes and rushed out.Every morning, Wang walked around a stone bridge 200 meters away to work, but this time he had no time and wanted to do the same when he saw other people walking on the river.But when he was about five metres from the shore, there was a crack under his feet and he fell into the water.Although the winter of 2013 was not cold, the ice floating in the river made Wang suffer from piercing pain.He didn’t know the water. The water was pouring into his mouth and he didn’t have a chance to shout for help.The man stepped forward just at the moment of crisis, there are two people on the shore noticed this situation, Li and his lover Zhang walking in the river, just saw Wang fell into the water at that moment.Lee told his wife to go home first and then ran to help others.Li ran to the ice hole on the river and tried to pull Wang up, but failed.Seeing wang’s situation more and more crisis, so Li simply jumped into the water, want to push Wang up from the water.Three attempts were made, however, without success.The cold river water, let Li mou’s physical strength fast decline, the last time, he tried his best to push Wang mou onto the ice, was to be pulled away by others.However, when people pulled Wang to the shore, but found that Li did not come up.At this time, people rushed to check the situation, and quickly called the police.However, Lee did not come up again.Li was an orphan and grew up in a welfare home. Although his life was miserable, he always had an optimistic heart.His wife, Zhang mou, was moved by him and became his wife after seeing him so optimistic.In fact, Zhang mou and Li mou’s situation is similar, when she was young, parents have passed away, leaving Zhang Mou to live with his grandfather, and not long ago, her only loved one died, two people just finished the funeral, wanted to come out for air, take a walk, but catch up with such things.Lee’s death, so that the original life of his wife Zhang made difficult.Because originally not rich family, now lost the only labor force, now Zhang is pregnant again, so how to do?Zhang mou always want to kill the meaning, but helpless, she could not bear to see Li Mou die, do not have the heart to see the unborn baby died, that is unfair to him.The boy took the initiative to take responsibility for the words divided into two, Wang was rescued, is very remorse of their own behavior, it is because they just let Li died.Later, Wang learned that the family of his rescuer had no one to rely on, which made him sink into meditation.Finally, he made a decision that he would take care of his benefactor’s family.Wang mustered the courage to tell zhang his idea, zhang firmly opposed at first, she can not be unfaithful to her husband.But where was her place in the world, and whom could she rely on?For the sake of the baby, for the sake of survival, she agreed.At this point, I believe everyone will be pleased.Indeed, as a woman, pregnant, she found it difficult to live alone, and even when she gave birth, she found it difficult to provide for her child, as every mother knows.The boy is grateful, can assume this responsibility, let the benefactor’s wife can be safe, happy life, then the man in heaven will be comforted.Editor’s note: this article is a story based on a real event. the pictures and information are all from the Internet.If there is infringement, please remind to delete.For more exciting content updates, please follow me.