Notice of the Association on the selection of “Network Popularity Award” for the “2022 Mazu Fu” Six Spring Festival Series cultural activities

2022-06-21 0 By

Mazu cultural institutions, Mazu people and mazu worshippers:In order to promote the orderly development of the “2022 mazu-Fu” Six Spring Festival series of cultural activities, attract the majority of teenagers to actively participate in the “2022 Mazu-Fu” activities, and create a rich, happy and safe atmosphere of the New Year, through research,It decided to carry out online popularity award selection for the three activities of “mazu Intangible Cultural Heritage Spring Festival”, “Mazu Literary And Artistic Spring Festival” and “Mazu Ritual and Music Spring Festival” in the “2022 Mazu Fu” Series of cultural activities.The relevant activities are now announced as follows.Selection and evaluation based on the “2022 Mazu Fu” six Spring Festival series of cultural activities through the “World Mazu network”, “World Mazu network”, “World Mazu public number”, “China Mazu magazine public number” four network platform.Based on the statistics of the click-through rate and page view of each program in these four network platforms.The statistics of click rate and page view shall be limited to one month after each program is broadcast.For example, the deadline for statistics of programs broadcast on the first day of the first lunar month is the first day of February, and the deadline for statistics of programs broadcast on the second day of the first lunar month is postponed to the second day of February, and so on.Three activities, “Mazu Intangible Cultural Heritage New Year”, “Mazu Literary New Year”, “Mazu Festival and Music New Year”, will participate in the network popularity selection, and each activity will set up 1 first prize, 2 second prize, 3 third prize, several awards of excellence.Prizes and prizes: The first prize of 3000 yuan, one banner;The second prize of 2000 yuan, one banner;The third prize is 1000 yuan and one banner;A pennant of excellence.1. The programs selected by the association headquarters (excluding the artistic teams of the Association) will not participate in the selection;2. The association office reserves the right of final interpretation of this activity.Chinese Mazu Cultural Exchange Association January 28, 2022