Peeking 12-year-old daughter chat, mother scolds shamelessly: How to protect adolescent girl

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Friend’s daughter called Meiqi, 12 years old this year, is about to face the entrance examination.Years ago did not have a holiday, for several days, friends inexplicable suddenly woke up, at 12 o ‘clock at night, the child is still writing homework.After a few days, the sensitive friend felt something was wrong and immediately got up. He went to his daughter’s desk and looked at her. She was doing her homework, but her mobile phone was still charging.Pretending to be casual, her friend picked up her child’s mobile phone and looked through her wechat contacts and groups. Everything was normal except for the normal questions and jokes in a few dialog boxes.Her friend suddenly remembered that she had another social chat software, QQ, so she clicked on penguin quietly, lost her daughter’s password for several times, and finally got in. Her anxious friend felt that this was the last line of defense, and she was eager to see the truth.The friend looked through the chat record, to her surprise, there was no abnormal conversation.My friend refused to give up. Suddenly, she saw a group, in which there were jokes, scolding and sharing some video links. She did not click the link, but the text lead in front of the video link made her know clearly how indecent the videos were.Friends with keen eyes, carefully investigating each chat records, and indeed found clues: a nickname called “charm” girl volunteered to jia Meiqi, said to share her and her boyfriend intimate video.Friends opened their private chat, asked about their grades, asked if they had a boyfriend…Judging from the frequency of my daughter’s occasional reply, she was doing her homework and did not fully focus on the second reply.From her daughter’s reply to the text can also see that she is ignorant and shy.And this sister she said, bold, warm, confident about how “beautiful” she and her boyfriend intimate time, curious to let Meiqi send photos of private parts to her, this scene, like the girl was “cheated” away for the first time before the boy rhetoric.To her friend’s shock, she posted some photos of her private parts, which were vaguely visible. When she saw this, her friend was almost dizzy with anger and anger could not be suppressed any longer: “You are a girl, you are really too shameless!”How she did not expect, three or five days did not pay attention to the child, her mind is multifarious, beyond the expected!A lot of parents think that 12 – or 13-year-old girls are just shy of their bodies, or panicked by their period, when they face puberty, and prefer a handsome or good boy in class.Everything is pure and beautiful, just like when we were children.In fact, the information society, the network to bring us convenience at the same time, but also to the children brought a lot of negative harm, such as a variety of dirty eyes of the AD pop-up, for example, a variety of exciting games, or a lot of such as chatting with Meiqi “sister”, the use of the network to deceive the girl’s privacy, so as to manipulate the child.The friend saw her daughter’s state now, really a little unprepared, she wanted to beat the child, and then give her a good “talk” about the truth, but also deeply realized that the child grew up, can no longer treat her like a child.The friend did not know what to do, then remembered a teacher once said, she and the child had a fierce conflict, the child would not talk to her, she finally wrote a letter to ease the relationship.The friend forced himself to calm down, accompanied the child to finish his homework, and did not mention what had just happened. The next morning, when the child went to school, the friend first went to the bookstore and bought a set of books about adolescent girls.Do you want to protect yourself “, “private book” of adolescent girls, 50 details of eutrophic girl, “the growth of adolescent girls manual”, “the girl’s positive discipline”, “child, you want to be a promise of the girl, the series comprehensive tells the story of adolescent girls physical and psychological changes, and their adolescent children have encountered various problems, in the girl,”Protect Yourself” also tells the story of teenage girls being tricked into online dating or shopping traps, while other books have a lot to do with the physical and emotional changes of adolescence, as well as the dangers and injuries they may encounter.The friend then wrote to her, “I’m sorry, kid. Please forgive me for not controlling my temper so well last night.Mom wants you to know: There’s nothing wrong with chatting on your phone, but with whom?Talk about what?These problems are worth identifying.My daughter is good at study and helpful. Many people like to make friends with you.You also long for close friends who can listen to your heart.However, the Internet is different from the real world. You can’t see each other’s gender, appearance, expression, let alone what they do, nor can you spy on each other’s real purpose.Maybe your sister, who is two or three years older than you, is a decades-old creepy uncle.You may have an online friend who wants to use your private photos and videos for blackmail, intimidation or illegal trading.Well, the consequences are serious!Once exposed, the damage to your body and mind will be irreparable.You may not be able to face Mr. Or Mrs. Right in the future.Of course, we can look on the bright side, she is a big sister, talk about some experiences you don’t have to satisfy your curiosity.However, when she was in her teens, she could live with her boyfriend and freely share her private experiences. What kind of person was she?On the other hand, if you’re trying to talk about a sensitive topic while you’re studying, your mind will be distracted and your learning will plummet.I know you are confused and curious about many things. Then, I am willing to be your bosom friend and keep your secret. I am the most trustworthy and reliable person for you.Daughter, you need to know that your privacy and body parts, except for mother, no family or acquaintances can pry and touch.Mother wants you to protect yourself from a little harm when you are as old as the flower.You’re growing up as tall as I am, you know about sex, you have sex drives.But that doesn’t mean you’re mature or that you need to satisfy your desires as an adult.You are still a girl, a student, but also a child.Your priority now is to grow up healthy and happy, and to study hard.You can jump rope with a classmate, listen to inspirational music, or read a biography of a famous person when sex drives you.On the one hand, you can distract your attention from spreading, and on the other hand, you will get different harvest and pleasure from sports, entertainment and study.If you really don’t know how to control yourself, then this set of books may help you.How I envy your age, with a strong memory and strong body, you can learn more knowledge to arm your brain, there are many choices in life.I hope you look back on it as a happy time!”The friend attached the letter to page 154 of a book called “Girl, You Have to Protect Yourself,” which she hoped would serve as a warning to her daughter about cases in which girls have been tricked into trusting others through the Internet.One day later, his friend received a note from his daughter that read, “Mom, I know I was wrong!I shouldn’t be chatting when I’m studying, not to mention making strange friends.Thank my mother let me aware of the danger around, I would like the girl, you have to learn to protect themselves, “the book said, close the privacy button, don’t let a stranger add me friends, do not add strangers casually, do not use personal photos when avatars, invitation must verify the information, not easily leak their information with unfamiliar net friend page.From today on, I will study hard!”Mom, I love you!”The friend is very glad that he did not say more words to hurt the children on impulse, and did not do anything drastic.So why are children growing up earlier?In the book girl, You Have to Protect Yourself, the author analyzes the salient characteristics of adolescent children, their desire to make friends and their emphasis on individuality.The sexy movements and sultry language of Internet stars or Internet celebrities may become the objects to be imitated.However, children at this time lack the ability to distinguish right from wrong, and have not formed a correct view of right and wrong, and it is very easy to regard “trend” as right and beautiful.In addition, a lot of hormone-containing or high-calorie food, making children generally taller, secondary sexual characteristics development early.In addition, parents are busy with their work and only care about their children’s grades, neglecting their children’s mental health.So how do we deal with rebellious adolescents?If you don’t know how to treat your adolescent children, you are advised to buy a set of adolescent books like your friends, “Girl, You Have to Protect Yourself”, “Adolescent Girls’ Private Room Book”, “50 Details of rich Girls”, “Adolescent Girls’ Growth Manual”, “Girls’ Positive Discipline”, “Children,You want to do a promising girl “this six books comprehensive introduction of adolescence, is the child’s growth manual, very suitable for adolescent children, as well as the parents of adolescent children to see, for parents to understand the thoughts of adolescent children, but also for children to correctly understand adolescence, know yourself.These books tell parents: 1, the correct understanding of adolescent rebellion: adolescent children enhance their sense of independence, spiritually want to get rid of their parents, but material dependence on their parents.Rebellion is a way for children to cry out for help. Parents should pay attention to their children’s psychological changes and guide them when necessary.When your child makes a mistake, be calm and communicate.Commanding and scolding from a superior parent can make children more rebellious or feel guilty.3, help children analyze the interests of the problem.Letting children make their own choices is far more convincing than being forced by parents.4, positive guidance, do not stick negative stickers to children.Parents learn to understand and tolerate, do not revisit the past, look at their children from the perspective of development, and focus on the good side of their children.These books tell girls: 1, puppy love is good, but you have to bear the bitter is far greater than good;Do a thorn rose, not a “silly white sweet”;3. Teach girls to identify dangerous scams common in life;4. We should be more alert to the behavior of strangers.Teach girls how to treat the germinating puberty, how to face puppy love;Teach girls, the most powerful defense weapon is yourself.Adolescence is an important turning point in a child’s life, which will affect his choice of spouse and career.When parents face a problem they can’t solve, don’t break the pot.Parents’ self-education, self-reflection and change are the panacea for children’s education.Pictures are from the network, if there is infringement please contact delete!