“Two fronts” to fight the epidemic wrote the strongest voice, Nantong foreign affairs show “her” strength

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There is such a collective, daily work meticulous, silently dedication;When the epidemic comes, they fight the “epidemic” line, build a strong epidemic prevention network, soft shoulder exhibition.This is the Foreign Affairs Service Center branch of the Foreign Affairs Office of the Nantong Municipal People’s Government. Women account for up to 90% of this collective, and the women’s fight against the epidemic tops “half of the sky”.The first line should strictly prevent the importation of omicron variant virus from abroad, and prevent the spread of this round of epidemic in Nantong within its jurisdiction.In the face of both domestic and foreign cases, the branch of the city’s foreign service Center acted quickly and put all efforts into the current epidemic prevention and control work, writing the strongest voice of the “two-front” fight against the epidemic.Starting from August 3, 2020, the Kunshan Transport Team, led by the Foreign Affairs Office of Nantong city and composed of staff from foreign affairs, public security, transportation and health departments, began to carry out the closed-loop transport task for inbound passengers from Shanghai.Since then, there have been a number of nantong “foreign surrender” figures on the front of “foreign import prevention”.”After 85″ female party member Zhang Yan, accumulated in Kunshan transfer special class work for more than 200 days.In the front line of kunshan battle, in addition to the day-to-day information contact, cumbersome and meticulous logistics support, there are often thrilling emergency handling in the work.”As a Party member, the position is the battle position, I will certainly in this special battlefield to fulfill the responsibility of” persuading others outside “and fulfill the original mission of the Communist Party.”As of March 31, 2022, the city foreign affairs service center of women members of an accumulated 18 m in kunshan special class transportation work, in the epidemic prevention and control of concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals line accumulated for more than 500 days, assist properly, effective treatment of the number of transfer passengers nucleic acid testing positive events, with dedication and for enhancing the tight line of the city’s foreign epidemic prevention and control,The prevention and control results of “zero infection, zero error and zero accident” have been achieved.At the moment when the epidemic prevention and control work in Nantong is at its most vigorous and critical stage, traffic checkpoints are the first line of defense against imported epidemic prevention and control.”After 90″ female party member Lu shuangshuang actively responded to the call, the first time to sign up for the epidemic prevention and control party members commandos, rushed to help key traffic jams, build a solid defense line outside the input.Lu shuangshuang was assigned to the exit of Zhuhang Expressway, mainly responsible for the nucleic acid collection information registration of drivers into the city, at the same time as the team leader of the Party member volunteer assault team, she also carried out daily contact, communication and coordination.According to the epidemic prevention and control requirements, she must do a level 2 protection during work, wear protective clothing, eight hours a shift, the moment she took off the protective clothing, she was already sweating.”The registration of information is simple, but there should be no mistakes,” she said.Behind every data is a real person with a family. We cannot omit anyone with abnormal information, but we cannot affect the safe passage of anyone with normal information.”No matter rain or wind, day or night, Lu shuangshuang sticks to his post carefully and builds the most solid barrier for the people of the city in the “forefront” of epidemic prevention and control.Pan Qiang, party secretary and director of the Foreign Affairs Office of Nantong, said that the office is taking epidemic prevention and control as the “first battlefield” to promote the “Year of Improving the work style of government organs”. The fighting fortress is built on the “epidemic” line, and the Party flag is flying on the “epidemic” line.Women do not let the beard, soft shoulder responsibility.The majority of female comrades in the branch of the FOREIGN Service Center went to the “epidemic” line without fear of danger, grasped the difficulties, fought the epidemic with practical actions, interpreted the original intention, and took the initiative to assume the mission and responsibility of women in the new era.Correspondent Sun Wetie proofread Wang Fei