White-butt deer, a national key protected wild animal, was found in Shandan, Gansu province

2022-06-21 0 By

Officials of Damaying Town, Shandan County, Zhangye City, Gansu Province, found white-rumped deer, a national key protected wild animal, running and foraging in the forest during their work in zhonghe Village of Dahuangshan Nature Reserve in Qilian Mountain National Park.At the same time, in the town of Ma Ying Shan Wan village, Ma Ying village found groups of rock sheep in the mountains between the cliffs running for food, pheasant, wild ducks in the forest leisurely foraging.Judging from the wild animal image data taken this time, the wild animal population in the Qilian Mountain area of Shandan County is expanding.In recent years, shandan County has effectively improved its ecological environment by implementing measures such as balancing grass and livestock, banning grazing and reducing livestock production, and returning farmland to grassland. The coverage rate of forest and grass ecological vegetation has continuously increased, and the number of wild animals such as rock sheep has continuously increased.Photo: Liu Bowu, Zhou Shiai, Nie Minghua