In 1980, China guofeng visited Japan. Why did he visit Japan again after only 3 weeks?The real reason is moving

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In 1980, in order to promote the diplomatic relations between China and Japan, Premier Hua Guofeng again took a special plane to Japan for a visit.During the visit, Hua guofeng first received the Emperor of Japan, exchanged gifts and made good wishes for the long friendship between the two countries. Then he visited the automobile factory, industrial chemical plant and other places in Japan, and was warmly welcomed by the Japanese people.On June 1, Hua returned to China by special plane.Hua Guofeng’s visit to Japan undoubtedly made a great contribution to the friendly development of the two countries and further promoted the cooperation between the two countries.However, what everyone did not expect is that when everyone thought that the trip to Japan came to an end, only three weeks later, Hua Guofeng went to Japan again to visit.And when the Japanese people learned the true meaning of Hua Guofeng, have been moved to tears, this is how to return a responsibility?Sino-japanese relations thawed hua Guofeng’s visit to China The visit to China by US President Nixon in 1972 opened a new chapter in China’s diplomacy.Japanese Prime Minister Kakuei Tanaka followed with a visit to China, breaking a decades-long freeze between the two countries.On September 29, China and Japan signed the Joint Statement between the Government of the People’s Republic of China and the Government of Japan, officially restoring diplomatic relations at the ambassadorial level and laying a good foundation for the peaceful development of the two countries.After many times of consultation, the two countries finally exchanged the Ratification Letter of china-japan Friendship Treaty on the occasion of Deng Xiaoping’s visit to Japan in 1978, realizing the economic and cultural exchanges between the two countries in many aspects.Two years later, Chinese Premier Hua Guofeng paid a visit to Japan in order to better promote diplomatic relations between the two countries.On May 27, 1980, Accompanied by Vice Premier Gu Maki and Foreign Minister Huang Hua, Premier Hua Guofeng boarded a special plane bound for Japan.When Hua Guofeng’s special plane stopped at the Airport in Japan, Masayoshi Ohira, who had been waiting for a long time, hurried up and held hua Guofeng’s hand tightly, expressing her warm welcome to his arrival.At that time Japan’s weather has some hot, their heads have a layer of sweat, Hua Guofeng not inhibited, generous to respond to their warm greetings.His face is always full of smile, so that everyone in the place feel very friendly.The cameras in the hands of reporters quickly captured the historic moment.At the invitation of Masayoshi Ohei, Hua Guofeng reviewed the Japanese honor guard. The honor guard members attach great importance to the arrival of Premier Hua Guofeng. They dressed in uniform white clothes and fought neatly in a row.Hua Guofeng saw this scene, immediately remembered the Chinese army, so their performance is also full of praise.On May 27, Japan’s Emperor Hirohito could not wait to set up a dinner party in the Hall of Good People, in honor of Hua Guofeng.When Hua Guofeng and his party arrived at the Fengmin Palace, Emperor Hirohito excitedly grabbed Hua Guofeng’s hand and repeatedly said: “Premier Hua, welcome your arrival. I hope your visit can harvest something, and also hope that the relationship between China and Japan can be more friendly.”Hua guofeng is the emperor hirohito welcome expressed heartfelt thanks to you, and said: “the friendly relations between the two has a long history, since the relations between the two countries had returned to normal, especially after concluded a treaty of peace and friendship between China and Japan, has set up a bridge of friendship and hope that through this visit, can take to make the bridge more firmly.”At the same time, Hua guofeng also brought ye Jianying and Deng Yingchao cordial greetings.During the banquet, Hua guofeng watched a series of traditional Japanese performances under the arrangement of Emperor Hirohito, and the two also made further communication on the relations between the two countries.At the end of the banquet, Premier Hua presented the Emperor with a porcelain vase from Jingdezhen, China and the Painting “Spring Excursion”. The exquisite patterns and patterns on the vase immediately attracted Emperor Hirohito, who caressed the vase carefully and repeatedly thanked Hua guofeng.In return, emperor Yu gave Hua a signed photo and an lacquered wood box with patterns of plants such as pine, orchid, bamboo and chrysanthemum.After meeting the Japanese Emperor, Hua guofeng always remembered the most important thing of his visit, and held talks with Prime Minister Masayoshi Ohira on bilateral relations and some important international issues.Finally, in a harmonious atmosphere, Hua Guofeng and Masayoshi ohira reached a friendly agreement.Under the guidance of Masayoshi Ohira, Hua has visited many iconic sites in Japan. He visited the Kawasaki factory of Fujitsu in Tokyo.In the integrated circuit workshop of the Kawasaki plant, Hua Guofeng, wearing protective clothing like the workers, is a novelty.Always kind and kind Hua Guofeng did not have the dignity of a leader, do not understand the question or curious place, he humbly pulled the factory workers to ask east and west, workers in the answer for him by Hua Guofeng thanks, can not help but feel casual Hua Guofeng admiration.After visiting kawasaki Electronics Factory, Hua also visited Toyota motor factory in Nagoya, Japan.Students in Nagoya, Japan, stood on both sides of the road in uniform and carrying Japanese flags to welcome Hua guofeng, who repeatedly looked out of his car and waved to them.After visiting the Toyota motor factory, Hua visited the family of tetsuya Kawakami, one of the workers. At the request of Yoshiko Kawakami, Hua left a message saying, “The Chinese and Japanese people should be friendly from generation to generation.”On June 1, 1980, the six-day visit to Japan came to an end soon. Hua Guofeng returned to China by special plane with the hope of friendly development between China and Japan.However, just three weeks after his return, He visited Japan again.The Chinese people, as well as the Japanese people, were surprised that they had never seen a leader visit the same country twice in less than a month.However, when the Japanese learned that The real reason for Hua Guofeng to visit Japan again, can not help but shed tears, the original Hua Guofeng went to Japan this time is to mourn the death of Japanese Prime Minister Masayoshi Ohei.As a Japanese politician, Masayoshi Ohira has always had a special affection for China.Masayoshi Ohira was born in a poor Farming family in Japan, and he developed a taciturn and tough character from an early age.Although his father did not have any educational background, he was very good at calligraphy and proficient in Classical Chinese. Under the influence of his father, Masayoshi Ohira was very familiar with Chinese since childhood. In the examination of primary school, Masayoshi Ohira’s Score in Chinese was only 2 points lower than that in Japanese.Masayoshi Ohira, who loved Chinese culture, first came into contact with China in 1936.He had just graduated from Tokyo Business University and was working for the central government of The province.After working diligently for three years, Ohira was transferred to the Mongolian And Xinjiang Liaison Department of Xingya Academy in Zhangjiakou in 1939.This place was mainly used to implement and carry out the policy of the occupied areas towards China after Japan launched the all-out war of aggression against China.Ohira Masayoshi is also this contact, let Ohira masayoshi heart felt both shocked and lost.When he set foot on the land of China, which had been ravaged by Japan at that time, the picture he expected did not appear, nor did he come into contact with the Chinese culture he had dreamed of.He was also disgusted by the way the Japanese army behaved. He was an ordinary clerk and had no power over the war.However, with his professional knowledge, he realized the importance of the Chinese market to Japan early, and realized that Japan’s design and purpose of the war were very short-sighted, and he foresaw Japan’s future defeat at that time.After nearly two years of Chinese investigation, Masayoshi Ohira returned to Japan in despair.Sure enough, Japan surrendered and withdrew from China in 1945.Ohira masayoshi did not have a chance to visit China again after the war because relations between the two countries were not fully restored.It was not until 1972, after Nixon’s visit to China, when Masayoshi Ohira became Japan’s foreign minister, that she had the honor to visit China again with Kakuei Tanaka.At a time when there were many conflicts between China and Japan, Kakuei Tanaka angered Premier Zhou with an understated apology.When the negotiations were about to reach an impasse, Masayoshi Ohira stepped forward in time to have a very frank talk with Foreign Minister Ji Pengfei for the sake of national development.On the way to visit the Great Wall, Masayoshi Ohira got into Ji’s car and said, “Minister Ji, I am the same age as you, and I refuse to make concessions for the sake of my government,” zhou Bin, the translator at the time, recalled.In fact, frankly speaking, I agree with you. I went to Zhangjiakou during that period and did economic survey for one year and ten months.I have witnessed that terrible war with my own eyes. I know that it was indeed Japan’s invasion of China, and there is no justification for it.But now from Japan’s point of view, we have formed an alliance with the United States, and it is very difficult for us to do exactly what China wants. If this cannot be understood by you, we have to go home.”Masayoshi Ohira’s statement played a decisive role. In the end, Masayoshi Ohira admitted the serious harm Japan had done to China in the Sino-Japanese joint statement, and his sentence of “feeling pain responsibility and deep reflection” was written into the sino-Japanese joint statement.In 1974, Masayoshi Ohira returned to Beijing to negotiate China’s most crucial aviation agreement, which was finally signed.When Deng Xiaoping visited Japan in 1978, Masayoshi Ohira received him and exchanged the letter of ratification of the Treaty of Friendship and Cooperation between China and Japan.At the same time, Japan’s first loan to China was also executed by Masayoshi Ohira himself during his political career. This money was undoubtedly China’s urgent need at that time.Ohira, who last visited China in 1979 at the age of 69, came to discuss strengthening multifaceted cooperation between the two countries.Deng Xiaoping received him personally and welcomed him, and the two sides had a frank talk on some key issues.Later, Ohira toured the ancient city of Xi ‘an to show the importance of sino-Japanese cultural ties.Ohira Masayoshi was considered from the standpoint of Japan in order to promote the development of Japan, but objectively speaking, during his political career, he did play a significant role in promoting the friendly relations between China and Japan at that time, and was also one of the few leaders who could frankly admit the crimes committed by Japan.During Hua Guofeng’s visit to Japan, Masayoshi Ohira was seriously ill at that time, but he still insisted on receiving Hua Guofeng in person.Therefore, after Masayoshi Ohira died of illness on June 12, 1980, Hua Guofeng immediately went to Japan to participate in the mourning.At that time, Hua Guofeng went to Japan on the one hand to mourn masayoshi Ohei’s death, on the other hand to maintain normal diplomatic relations between China and Japan, so that Japan and the world can see China’s great power style.After arriving in Japan this time, The Chinese front was dignified, not as relaxed as last time.At that time, the streets of Japan were immersed in the grief of Masayoshi Ohira’s death. Hua Guofeng’s visit was very low-key, only wearing simple clothes to attend Masayoshi Ohira’s funeral.Hua expressed his condolences to the Japanese government and people, and then bowed to the deceased at the funeral, thanking him for his contributions to normalizing china-japan relations over the years.Soon, along with this event, the news of Hua Guofeng’s second visit to Japan spread all over Japan. Japanese political circles and people were shocked by Hua Guofeng’s second visit to Japan. After all, this is an unprecedented event in many countries, and it also shows that China is a country that values love and justice very much.As a Chinese leader who had suffered from Japanese aggression, he could personally attend Hua Guofeng’s funeral at this time. Hua Guofeng’s generosity also made countless Japanese people moved, and Masayoshi Ohei’s family was very excited and kept thanking Hua Guofeng.Hua guofeng’s move will undoubtedly promote the development of sino-Japanese relations again, and also set up China’s image in the international community.Under such circumstances, China and Japan have carried out economic, technological and other cooperation and exchanges for several decades.