Sixian county resolutely won the battle of epidemic prevention and control during the Spring Festival with five measures in place

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In order to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control during the Spring Festival, Sixian adhered to the overall planning and promotion, built a tight and solid regular epidemic prevention and control network, blocked the transmission channels of the virus, and resolutely won the battle of epidemic prevention and control during the Spring Festival.Organizational leadership in place.The epidemic prevention and control work has always been an important political task, and the hard-won achievements in epidemic prevention and control have been consolidated.A headquarters and special teams for epidemic prevention and control have been set up, and a working mechanism of “one office, ten teams” has been established under the leadership of leading party and government officials at the county level to ensure efficient operation of the command system.A “daily dispatch” system for epidemic prevention and control has been established, with one meeting and one dispatch every day.We will formulate three-level emergency response plans for epidemic prevention and control at counties, towns and villages, and scientifically formulate epidemic prevention and control plans and classified response plans for the Spring Festival travel rush.Three regional nucleic acid exercises were conducted to refine the guidelines for nucleic acid testing, so as to be fully prepared to deal with any possible epidemic.Personnel control is in place.We will continue to move to the front of the gate and lay siege to the front, take solid and detailed prevention and control measures, and work together to prevent and control people, property, land and social affairs, so as to defuse risks and hidden dangers at the front line.Nine traffic checkpoints have been set up at highway entrances and highways in the county, and the 48-hour nucleic acid test certificates of visitors have been strictly checked. Up to now, 10,619 vehicles, 42,548 persons and 853 persons have been tested free of charge.Strengthen grid management, give full play to the role of the county’s 1,531 grids, establish and improve the ledger of returning personnel, do a good job of tracking services, and help people who have returned home safely.The government has implemented “five packages and one package” and “knocking on the door”, arranged special personnel to provide security services for those who have returned to their hometowns, conducted centralized quarantine and home quarantine respectively according to the risks in their areas, monitored their health status at any time, and reminded them to take good personal protection.Focus on key areas, implement whole-process prevention and control and traceability management of imported cold chain food, advocate merchants not to sell imported fruits for the time being, and employees to take nucleic acid tests regularly to achieve full coverage of “person control”.Emergency support in place.We have continued to improve our professional capabilities, improved the coordination mechanism for overseas visits, official vehicles, and public transportation. 60 experts have been dispatched to form 20 teams for monitoring and dispatching of tributaries, and 2,125 professional sampling and testing personnel have been deployed to comprehensively improve the efficiency of flow and detection.Adhere to the normal reserve of materials, prepare the isolation point mapping in advance, reserve 19 isolation points, available isolation room 1495, realize the county isolation room per 10,000 people up to 21.6.We will reserve 15 days’ basic necessities for the county’s permanent residents and ensure adequate supplies during the Spring Festival.Propaganda and guidance in place.Efforts have been made to raise awareness of epidemic prevention and control, make full use of wechat, Douyin and other online media to publicize epidemic prevention and control policies and knowledge, and improve people’s self-prevention and control capabilities, so that everyone knows about the epidemic situation and participates in the epidemic prevention and control activities.Attention was paid to preventing gatherings of people, reducing the frequency of rural fairs, and advocating “delaying weddings, simplifying funerals and not holding banquets”;We will strictly control the reception capacity of scenic spots and closed entertainment centers, and ban 129 chess and card venues that spontaneously congregate.Efforts should be made to create an epidemic prevention atmosphere.The Circular on Strengthening epidemic Prevention and Control during the Spring Festival was issued, and a Letter to Migrant Workers working abroad was issued to advocate celebrating the Spring Festival locally. So far, 4,012 people have been persuaded to celebrate the Spring Festival locally.We will print posters for epidemic prevention and control and put them up at stores, supermarkets, markets and other places where people gather, as well as at the exits of residential areas, so as to create a pattern of good prevention and control by all.The supervision check is in place.We will strictly implement the system of 24-hour emergency duty and on-duty leadership, maintain unblocked communication, carry out promotion of command and flat management, and ensure prompt and efficient response in the event of an outbreak.Ten teams have been set up to supervise and inspect the implementation of epidemic prevention and control measures in all towns and key industries, conduct inspections and briefings on a daily basis, and promptly identify weak links, urge rectification, and plug loopholes.(Mr. Chen)