The BOSS of WBG finally stepped in, no longer allowing the Big Puma, and apologised profanely to explain his intentions

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Lead up: RNG vs LNG, but involving an unrelated team WBG.It started when RNG won LNG to break their winning streak.The two teams have not said what, WBG vice president Hu Biao suddenly issued a post to celebrate bin, praised him.Bin is WBG to RNG, with Hu Biao intersection many.By rights, Bin is no longer a WBG player, and the two of them should cut back on their overt interactions.However, this time RNG won the competition, he posted “Brother Bin badass” on his fan base and WB, it was really a bit strange.After the big Biao apology explanation intention: LNG winning streak is broken we can rush to the top of one thing after fermentation, everyone has a discussion, people say contin, and even some speculation has been released.Hu Biao is about eleven o ‘clock began kua bin, the middle does not admit their mistakes.When things got out of hand, he had to apologize and explain his intentions.Hu biao said everyone misunderstood him, he is not celebrating RNG, is happy for the WBG players.Since their goal in the spring was to score points, LNG’s winning streak has now been broken and WBG is in second place.He couldn’t help but celebrate bin’s victory when he was in the top spot.Hu Biao said they spring game goal is to get points first, admit that he said wrong, do not blame the fan base, is he did not pay attention to the impact of the bad content.”I signed brother Shy myself,” Hu said. “Why not be satisfied?Just don’t set the bar that high. Don’t put pressure on them.The fan base sent the package to apologize and show their sincerity.Now the WBG boss has finally come out to deal with the matter.He responded to fans that he was present, Hu Biao is found head team defeat, he has a little advantage, can not help but praise to win RNG player bin.Since he had to bear the consequences of his mistakes, WBG’s bosses no longer allowed the Big Bugden, which had been handed over to the team to operate.Big biao make such a, operation should be very headache.But they explain there are two wrong: first, twelve RNG win TES, Hu Biao in the fan base straight kua “spring tiger Emperor severe”, we advised him not to be sprayed, Hu Biao also boast with RNG players good relationship, not afraid of being rushed.Hu Biao said this is because of a happy list, that last time he why to CELEBRATE RNG, also said he was not afraid of being rushed?Secondly, the attitude of WBG’s boss is too obvious. He was also present when Hu Biao published his article. He expressed his support for the manager with such words, but changed the number of the treatment result.Big Biao and boss relationship is very good, perhaps they do not think there is anything wrong with this matter, only feel that their words were “with rhythm”, do not want to continue to deal with fans, just gave the number to the operation.Summary cautious words and deeds, is my four words to big Biao.He is the vice president of the club, and any speech and behavior in public places and online platforms represent the club. This speech is a bit of alcohol, simple and brainless, which needs to be warned. If he persists, maybe there will be bigger problems later.But there is no right or wrong in this case, it is just uncomfortable.Language is an art. To put it another way would be twice as effective.