Why are women afraid of men in their fifties?

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Eileen Chang has classical language in Half Life.”Actually, you should know that love is not worth asking.”Love really does not ask if it is worth.Because love is just two people, give affection.But you must hear that marriage is definitely not worth it.Because it takes a lifetime.People’s growth cannot leave the year after year, accumulate over a long period of creating, life is equal to climbing a mountain, more than fifty men even without standing on the hill have been close to the mountain, also unrealized as a man of the highest kind with deep pockets and distance it was a late bloomer zhichizhiyao, so more than fifty men are more likely to been, and see the mountains small.We can meet a lot of terrible things in life, but among these terrible things, some things in marriage are a big challenge for women.Women, for some reason, have heart but do not have the basic courage and the necessary courage.So what are the things that make a woman feel so scared and scared?Many netizens admire a 56-year-old aunt who left her husband to travel alone for months, leaving her daughter and grandchildren behind, saying she wanted to escape from her “wayward” family and marriage.About married life, how many women revolve around their husband and children?The result was an unhappy marriage.The aunt’s main reason for leaving home was that she could not stand her husband. It was a 30-year marriage without sex and love, in which the husband abused her and tortured her.After marriage, the couple did not have any warmth.Life is also different, and it’s hard to see two people together unless there’s a big family event and they need to be there at the same time.Women are well aware that they have reached the golden age, and men in their fifties are in their most vigorous years. Women are naturally afraid of losing their husbands to other women.’I’m most afraid of him cheating,’ says Liu, 52, frankly.I’m too old to lose this man.My husband and I are retired.Usually in addition to taking grandchildren, but also play mahjong, dancing.To my year, in the marriage life, to eat the bitter.When I was young, ALTHOUGH I was noisy, I resisted being apart.Some time ago, the old man always liked to chat with the new dancing old lady, in fact, the old man has a thief’s heart, I know he can do nothing.In addition, if a husband cheats at this juncture, he will not only be ashamed of himself, but will be judged by others around him.Do not want to let a woman have such a worry, more than 50 years old men should be clean, loyal to marriage, live up to the woman in the home.Three, afraid of a man’s career problems want to family does not appear turbulence, you need to have a smooth career.In a married life, women pay more attention to the career of a man in his fifties.Men in their fifties are in the middle of their old age, with their old age to take care of and their young children to raise. The old vigor has long been lost, and even their own energy is much less than before.Most of the economic pressure in the family is supported by men, so a stable and considerable career income is the premise for women to maintain a happy family.For men in their 50s and 60s, when their careers take a hit, their families are the first to suffer.As the breadwinner in the family, women are immediately financially strapped when a man’s career takes a turn for the worse.A woman prefers a man’s career to flourish so that she can be the woman behind him without any worries.Conclusion: men over 50 years old have more male personality, women can give everything for love.However, in marriage, the importance of two people’s cooperation, side by side pillows on the same bed, in the same boat economy, emphasis on “common.”Women are miserable when they enter marriage.Only women who are afraid can’t.Whether you fear your partner’s loyalty, your partner’s understanding, or your exposure to cold violence, the more you fear, the more you know what to expect.Therefore, when encountering anything, we should relax and face it. There are many challenges in life, and nine out of ten things go wrong. So does marriage.Long-term marriage needs to face many tests, such as the unification of life style, the adaptation of various habits, the communication of mind, and more importantly, the need for mutual tolerance.