It’s about everyone’s paycheck!30 provinces and cities in succession “voice”, future wages to “rise”?

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Introduction In the current society, most people need to go through the process of “working to earn money to support themselves”, and many people’s working time is almost 1/3 or even 1/2 of the total amount of life. The purpose of our working time is mainly to provide a living basis for ourselves, which also determines the level of salary is crucial.For job-seekers of various enterprises, the most exciting news is the increase of wages. In fact, in addition to the independent decision of enterprises, the increase of wages is also related to the relevant national policies in many cases.It’s about everyone’s paycheck!30 provinces and cities in succession “voice”, future wages to “rise”?The necessary condition for raising wages is consistent with the market situation. According to the official data in 2021, the national per capita disposable income is 32,000 yuan, and the monthly per capita disposable income is 2,700 yuan and 2,300 yuan based on the median of 27,000 yuan. In view of the living standards and requirements of the current domestic people,Such disposable income is hardly rich.For this news, the relevant departments of the state to improve people’s living standards to improve the quality of life, a number of provinces will increase wages.But we should know: relevant departments make such a decision, but also hope to improve everyone’s income, reasonable arrangement of the distribution of wages.In addition to raising the income of those with low incomes, we will also focus on expanding the size of the middle-income group and overcoming the middle-income trap.In the process of development, countries all over the world are likely to encounter similar problems.For example, more than 10 years ago, Mexico’s PER capita GDP was 9,000 US dollars. However, during this decade, the quality of life of Mexican people did not improve significantly, and even went backwards.If the social inflation is included, it will not promote the development of the national economy, but will lead to the regression of people’s income level and the decline of the quality of life.Any country in any period of development, must move towards a better goal, once this situation occurs, it means that the national development into trouble.In order to avoid repeating the situation of Mexico, Korea has made it clear that it will expand the middle-income population within five to 10 years. However, the proportion of the middle-income population in all income groups in Korea is still at a low level. The reasons for this situation also show a variety of social ills.The first is the problem of uneven income distribution. The income level of some groups is very low, and the income gap between urban and rural areas also affects the expansion of middle-income groups.Therefore, the first step to solve the problem is to adjust the domestic income distribution pattern, in addition to coordinating and rectifying the income groups in different urban and rural areas.Based on this direction, in 2021 the domestic 30 provinces are ready to adjust the plan, first of all, Shanghai and Beijing as a representative of the domestic two big cities, is focused on the minimum wage, the two cities to raise the minimum wage standard, the other two cities of chongqing and tianjin, also offered to set up the mechanism of the growth of the company.In addition to the four municipalities directly under the central government, the domestic some economic development better provinces, such as guangdong and jiangsu were also formulated the respective adjustment plan, guangdong has over the years with the objective of GDP data in the domestic reputation, now the guangdong is also put forward to raise the minimum wage standard of the people in the province, as for jiangsu also launched “wages” of the new plan.In addition, other provinces have also formulated corresponding adjustment plans according to their actual conditions. For the majority of people, whether raising the minimum wage or strengthening the even distribution of income, they can effectively guarantee their own lives.In fact launch such adjustment scheme has its necessary, after all, now people is higher and higher cost of living in society, especially to buy housing costs are increasing, follow-up of all kinds of commodity price increases are also aggravated the pressure of people’s lives, if not from the wage income level, do not cover the future will be closed on the case, then don’t say you don’t have the money deposit,Even guaranteeing basic survival is difficult.In fact, as early as 2021, China has announced the news of an increase in the minimum wage standard for formal workers, at the same time many hourly workers have received a notice of wage increase, which makes these hourly workers without stable jobs have a stronger wage protection.Especially when expanding domestic groups of flexible obtain employment, hourly workers are becoming more common, comparing formal employees, although the hourly workers lack the welfare safeguard, but they are more flexible working hours, and the income of a single hour is relatively substantial, these advantages have lead to the society more and more flexible employment group of hourly workers.Conclusion So in order to fully protect the rights and interests of these people, the state is also clear to improve the wages of hourly workers.All in all, the country is still committed to creating a better and more secure life for the people, which is also one of the means to promote the overall development of the country’s economy.Today’s topic: It’s about everyone’s salary!30 provinces and cities in succession “voice”, future wages to “rise”?