Lithuanian Foreign Minister to Visit AustraliaExpert: Trying to get sympathy by playing the victim

2022-06-23 0 By

As senior officials of the Quadripartite Security Dialogue gather in Australia, Lithuanian Foreign Minister Vladislav Landzbergis, who is pushing for the establishment of a so-called Taiwan representative office, will also visit Australia on Tuesday. He will meet with Australian Foreign Minister Peter Payne and Defence Minister Peter Dutton.Before the trip, farmhouse bell gith 6 in an interview with the Australian finance commentary newspaper claimed that “China stresses and trade sanctions” will become the communication between the two countries at the top of the agenda, “we will discuss how to deal with this situation, what did I learn how to become more powerful and exchange views on issues like how to help each other”.Landsberges also reportedly said Lithuania did not intend to rename the “Taiwan representative Office” under any circumstances and that “the government will stick to the agreement reached”.Recently Australia increased and the interaction of Lithuania, Lithuania before pushing the European Union, the so-called “trade stress” problem in the world trade organization (wto) lawsuit against China and Australia will jump out to say willing to participate in the arbitration process, east China normal university, director of the center for Australian professor Chen Hong 7 of “global times” reporter said,Now want to make the two countries, “appreciate” feeling, all want to through the “victims” role to gain international sympathy, confuse audio-visual international society, but the economy is complementary, the two countries in the field of some consumer goods and agricultural products, both at a competitive state, even Lithuania to expect solutions to the current economic problems in Australia,Will prove to be a joke.In general, the Lithuanian foreign minister’s visit to Australia has far more political significance than economic benefits.Chen Hong said that Australia and Lithuania do have some in common, that is, they have sadly become tools of the Us and the West to suppress China, bringing huge trouble to themselves.But Australia and Lithuania will not get much more substantial support than some illusory warmth through so-called “bundling”.Source: Global Times