Married in her husband’s first year: I thought I would sleep to wake up naturally, but every day spin like a top

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I am A Rui, every day to share reading, growth and we media writing experience, click on the top of the attention, with me to improve themselves, and strive to grow!Mr. Zhang and I had never thought that the Spring Festival would be so busy. It was funny that both of us took a pile of books with us before going home.In fact, most of them spend a lonely time in the bookcase, and only on a few days does a book get a chance to visit.On October 1st last year, Mr. Zhang and I hurried to Suzhou after our wedding in our hometown.No additional travel has been arranged because of the pandemic.Before the holiday, Mr. Zhang specially to find the boss before the wedding leave, the hope to stay in the hometown for a few days, accompany the family.We set out from Suzhou at 8 o ‘clock in the morning on 24th, and arrived home more than 9 o ‘clock in the evening, which was a fast record.Since I came back to Suzhou on the fifth day of the ninth lunar month, I set out in the morning and arrived at 10 a.m. on the sixth lunar month. The traffic jam on the expressway was too scary.Back home after the second day with things back to my mother’s home, lunch, rest for a while, I hurried home, because the next day, the family to come over to send New Year’s eve gifts, on the way back, also went to the same village with a married family gathered together.In fact, there are many kinds of New Year gifts, such as parents to their married daughters, students to teachers, rural customs are like this, to do a lot of things.The next morning when we got up, we hurried to tidy up. The family came to entertain us.The mother prepared a lot of things, such as pork, beef, lamb, fish, charcoal, tofu, handmade noodles, wine and so on, implying that the daughter’s life in her husband’s house is getting better and better.At noon that day, there were two tables to sit noisily. After dinner and tea, they dispersed and we had a little rest.02 The first wave of busyness is temporarily over, and the second wave will soon be picked up.When we had our wedding last year, Mr. Zhang’s childhood friend from the same village came to help. Now that he is getting married, we have to join in the fun.So, that night, we hurried to hair small bridal chamber, to add joy to the family, congratulations on the wedding.The next morning, Mr. Zhang to send small when the driver to pick up.I got up at 3:30 in the morning and caught up with my hometown. The weather was bad and it rained. The distance was far.Fortunately, I did not participate in this process, otherwise I really can not bear, every day a feeling, too sleepy.Forget it. I’ve been to two weddings in just a few days.The second wave is over for now, and we are on our third busy journey.Mr. Zhang’s family is a big family, uncle, aunt, aunt, uncle’s house all need to go to, fortunately, my cousin’s relatives have not gone, or really tired faint.We will come back to Suzhou in the fifth grade. It would be best if we could go there before the year.So, we brought gifts and spent two days walking through these relatives. Of course, AS a new daughter-in-law, I also received a lot of red envelopes.Then, to the Chinese New Year, one night ago, we went to buy New Year’s goods, ready to pay New Year gifts again.We pasted Spring Festival couplets in the morning of the Chinese New Year. Then we invited my father’s family and grandma to eat at home for lunch. Then we went to my father’s house for dinner.On the first day of the New Year, we got up very late, other people were almost visiting, we began to visit at eleven o ‘clock.Nearby grandpa generation, grandma generation, big father, second father, third father and so on, Mr. Zhang’s family has three sets of uncle’s generation combination, in short, all have to go around.In the morning, I finished walking around the neighborhood, and then drove around in the afternoon.The end of this New Year, is the second day back home New Year.In order to avoid traffic jam, we specially got up early, before 10 o ‘clock in the morning, the family of uncles and aunts all worship.Before returning to mother’s home for a short time, this time, stay until more than 4 PM to set out to go home.In the morning of the third day, I first went to Mr. Zhang’s three aunts’ house, and then to three uncles’ house. I made a big circle and hurried back to pick up things, because on the fourth day, people from her family would come to pay a New Year’s visit, and we needed to prepare a banquet for them and find a cook to cook.The fourth day busy all day, will prepare for the fifth day back to Suzhou.This New Year, really is I had the busiest year.What is written down can only express one tenth of the emotion.The more I grow up, the more I get involved in it. When I become a part of it, I gradually understand that children long for the Chinese New Year, while adults are a little afraid of the Chinese New Year.I am not a lively person, most of the time I hope to stay alone, reading, code code word feel very happy.04 But back home, the kind of strong local breath let people have to participate in them, have to do as the Romans do.Since born in it, naturally also want to experience happiness.For example, I received a total of 7700 yuan of red envelopes during the Chinese New Year, the new daughter-in-law comes to the house is a red envelope, depending on the situation of each family, no matter how much, their own family later also want to return.Of course, there are also red envelopes sent out, 1000 for each parent, 300 for each grandfather and grandmother, 100 for each brother and sister. The total amount of money left is not much, but the process of money going round and round will make everyone feel the sense of happiness and being concerned.In my hometown, you should take the initiative to greet people.It is also a very awkward situation to meet relatives, but don’t be afraid to meet them, directly take the initiative to greet people to eat melon seeds and drink tea, and say, “What should I call you? I don’t remember it for a long time, sorry,” people can understand, can close the distance.There is also the joy of dining, and the good food really makes people happy.When I just graduated, I was still anxious about survival, so I didn’t pay much attention to what I ate. Now I gradually feel the healing power of food.In Rural China, Fei Xiaotong said: “Chinese society is rural”.In the city, it is hard to understand what this means.When I returned to the countryside, into the countryside, only gradually feel the meaning of this sentence, the hometown may be local, but a porridge and a meal, are parents’ hard work.The wedding in the hometown may not be as grand as the hotel, but the lively atmosphere is also a unique sign, looking back many years later, it will be more meaningful and unforgettable.The New Year’s greeting ceremony in the hometown may be a little complicated, but the study of human contact and civilized etiquette is also what we learn from childhood. We can’t forget these good virtues because we are far away from the countryside….05 this year, I have been busy, but happy, have received red envelopes, also have to send red envelopes, more have a new perception and experience: we work hard in their respective positions, just for their own and family life can be better, this is the most simple happiness.After the New Year, the trunk was full of bacon, chicken, fish, vermicelli, milk, fruits, vegetables, pickles, etc., which were brought from home. After putting these things back, the heart sighed with emotion that the year was finally over, and it was finally possible to get on the right track and start a new busy life.In the New Year, I would like to thank my fans who have always encouraged me. I wish you all a prosperous and prosperous Year of the Tiger, good health and a happy family!”Kong Rong let pear”, is a sad story, it hides a loophole in the education of parents to their children: hold fireworks to make a living, cherish poetry to seek love.Hello, I am Rui, a post-90s freelance writer, hoping to achieve economic independence by writing in the future, pay attention to me, cheer with me!