Mercury home textile uses quality and innovation to create high quality life

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With the improvement of economic level and the change of concept, consumers are more in pursuit of a healthy and comfortable high quality life.In the field of home textile, consumers are not satisfied with traditional home textile products, but with health attributes of home textile consumption extension.To this, many home textile brands have responded to market demand, to the health field.And in numerous home spins brand, outstanding representative is mercury home spins.As an established enterprise in the field of home textile, Mercury home textile advocates healthy sleep, not for external luxury, but in the pursuit of real comfortable, healthy, high-quality life, one of its representative products of healthy sleep is antibacterial bed cushion.Mercury home textile antibacterial bed pad in the production process, through special technology will be implanted into the fabric, fiber surface and interior, can effectively inhibit bacteria, fungi, bring peace of mind healthy sleep environment.In the raw materials, Mercury home textile antibacterial bed pad using diatomite material.The high quality diatomite raw material from Changbai Mountain is processed into a certain fineness through multiple procedures, and then mixed with other functional materials in a certain proportion for core and fabric, which can effectively decompose formaldehyde in the air and inhibit bacteria.Additional, mattress uses polygon grain design, added line radian soft feeling, also brought comfort at the same time.Over the years, Mercury home textile has been making breakthroughs, creating a professional R & D team, in fiber materials, textile, dyeing and finishing, carding technology research and development and other aspects, have made a lot of scientific research achievements, obtained 36 national invention patents, 41 utility model patents.In the view of Mercury home textile, the brand based on the market, must face competition, and to win the competition, must be recognized by consumers, to meet the needs of consumers.The birth of this high-quality mattress is not achieved overnight, but mercury home textile based on consumers, more than ten years as a day to focus on healthy sleep products.In recent years, Mercury Home Textile takes care of human’s healthy sleep as its own responsibility, and also relies on the strong technology and talent background of Shanghai Academician expert workstation to set up Mercury Home textile sleep research Center. With strict quality control and ingenuity, this mattress has a huge advantage in quality.Paying attention to healthy sleep and caring for consumers’ health, Mercury Home Textile contributes its own strength to fashion and healthy home textile industry and helps consumers to live a high-quality life.