Small set out to remember with heart yongdeng County Ping urban and rural changshan River village first secretary and stationed in the village team captain Wang Ji

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“The meteorological unit is naturally close to the countryside, no matter whether it is wind, rain or hail or snow, it is the most important thing concerning the money of farmers in a year.Since I was stationed in the village, I have been most happy to see my fellow villagers living a prosperous life.”Lanzhou city meteorological station deputy director, Yongdeng County Ping urban and rural changshan river village first secretary and stationed in the village team captain Wang Ji so summed up his work in the village.In December 2020, Wang Ji was sent to Changshanhe Village, Pingcheng Town, Yongdeng County as the first secretary and the captain of the village work team.”When I first came to the village, my team members and I went door to door to find out the basic situation. After knowing the basic situation, we thought about how to pull projects for the village to promote industry and make everyone’s life prosperous.”J. wang said.In order to understand the basic situation of the village, Wang ji and his team from the villagers to mingle with the start.They eat, live and work in villages, communicate with villagers face to face in farmers’ courtyards and fields, ask about village conditions, visit public opinion, and listen to people’s opinions and suggestions on industrial development, education and health care, safe drinking water, infrastructure, housing safety, and environmental sanitation.It is found that the single industrial structure and the outmoded concept of farmers are the biggest obstacles to the economic development of the village.Ping town and countryside changshanhe village near Tianzhu Tibetan Autonomous County, flat terrain, village each arable land area of more than 45 mu.However, large area of cultivated land did not form large-scale cultivation, farmers or to fight alone planting and scattered breeding industry.In line with the village’s actual situation, Wang will encourage large farmers in the village to carry out large-scale operations, expand the planting area and use large-scale machinery for large-scale agriculture from 2021.Zhu Zonghui, 60, was one of the first farmers to respond to the task force’s policy.Zhu Zonghui said: “I have been planting lazy fields for decades, so I have become accustomed to harvesting as much as I can.At the beginning, we were not sure what to do when we asked people to carry out meticulous management and scientific planting.But the experts in the task force and the agricultural technicians we invited taught him hand in hand and kept an eye on the field during the crucial farming period, which made the old man feel much more reassured.”The management and protection of crops in the budding season, the proportion of weeding and pesticide dosage in summer, and the amount of water to be watered several times were all important matters that the work team and Wang Ji constantly urged.After more than half a year’s efforts, Zhu zonghui harvested 40 mu of lentils and peas in the autumn of 2021.The yield of lentils per mu broke through 2200 kg, and the yield of peas per mu exceeded 150 kg. The income increased by 4500 yuan compared with last year, which set a good start for the large-scale promotion of fine management farming in the whole village.See a year of hard work to get rich returns, Wang Ji and the players are also more confident about the village industry to become rich.If the people are willing to work hard, their lives will certainly be more ambitious.”A work leader is like a monitor of a class, always thinking about his class.Now I’m a bit dazed. When I see other villages with good projects, I always want to get one for Changshanhe Village.”Mr. Wang said with a smile.Since coming to changshan River village stationed in the village, Wang Ji and Lanzhou city meteorological observatory try every means to strive for and integrate the resources of the units to help the difficult people.Contact units to buy village self-produced soybean oil, mutton more than 30,000 yuan;Help disabled people qi Wencheng to implement a class of low-income families policy;Contacted brother units to sponsor saplings and planted 400 trees for two consecutive years;Every winter, we donate 4 tons of coal for the needy families in the village.All the time, Wang Ji led the village team to strictly implement the “six systems”, eat and live in the village, work to the household, adhere to the daily work log.Every move of the task force inspires every villager of changshan River village to rush towards the front of their own days.Speaking of his New Year’s wish, Wang Ji’s eyes immediately put light: “some time ago I went to the day to learn nearby, roadside saw mushroom planting greenhouse investment small quick effect, especially suitable for our changshan river village, the people jealous bad!”After learning back, Wang Ji did not delay a moment, looking for experts, ask technicians to field understanding of mushroom planting greenhouses in Changshan River village adaptation.After getting the affirmative answer from the experts, Wang Ji and his team members gave full play to their unit’s advantages, while contacting the Agricultural Bureau of Yongdeng County, and actively striving for industrial project funds.After efforts, in December 2021, the greenhouse project was officially selected into the Rural revitalization project library of Yongdeng County, and the greenhouse project is expected to be in the Changshan River village this year.”We are all ordinary members of the village team, doing the most ordinary daily things, nothing spectacular and moving.It is the greatest wish of the villagers to get rid of poverty and get rich in the industry.”Mr. Wang said at the end.Full media reporter Zhou Jing of Lanzhou Daily/photo