Sui Wenjing and Han Cong wear gold MEDALS for each other!He had said to her: You are my last partner

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The pair, who shone at the Beijing Winter Olympics, have been in excellent form since the start of the competition, as evidenced by breaking world records twice in two weeks.As the two are getting better on the court, the well-understood dance moves on the court seem to prove that people really can connect with each other in their souls.When Sui Wenjing, Han Cong tightly embrace together, followed by tears, illustrated 15 years of grinding a sword of hardship, illustrated 15 years do not separate true feelings!For Han Cong and Sui wenjing, success comes from not giving up.In 2012, Sui Wenjing suffered a serious injury. The long-term high pressure load on her legs caused her to suffer from severe epiphyseal inflammation. This injury directly caused them to miss the Sochi Winter Olympics.After a year and a half of rest, they finally returned to the court, but in 2015, the injury hit again and Sui was forced to undergo surgery, while Han was able to train alone.The ice rink alone is lonely, but Han Cong has never thought of changing partners.He externally firm voice: “Little Sui is my last partner, slippery slippery, not slippery slippery.”Although the two have never officially confirmed their relationship, they have been seen by many fans as the best part of their relationship.In the 2019 World Figure skating Championships held in Saitama, Japan, Although Sui wenjing was still injured before the competition, they performed well on the court and scored a good score of 79.24 points. Han Cong even kissed Sui wenjing at the end of the competition, which also caused people to call sui wenjing a wave of dog food in front of the TV.After the match, some foreign reporters even asked if they were in a relationship and even asked how to say “please get married” in Chinese.Han cong was also busy explaining that he kissed Sui wenjing’s waist out of excitement, because they did not play well in the training, the good performance on the court let him surprised.As each other’s final partner, han Cong and Sui Wenjing’s dancing posture appears more moving after experiencing the precipitation of firm waiting and years!Perhaps, the emotion between the “green bucket” group has been more precious than love!