Tyson was suspected of eluding Lewis, paying Lewis $4 million in travel fees, which Liu earned

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Lennox Lewis is known for his brutal KO of Mike Tyson in June 2002.Of course, Tyson was in terrible shape.Although he is a year younger than Lewis, the two are on the rise and the other on the decline.In fact, it may not be known that back in 1996, Tyson had a good chance to fight Lewis, but the Tyson team was suspected of avoiding Lewis, preferring to pay $4 million in road fees to Lewis rather than fight Lewis.It all starts with the WBC belt.Back in 1994, then-WBC heavyweight champion Lewis unexpectedly lost the WBC belt to “Atomic Bull” Oliver McCall.He then made a successful comeback, winning 3 straight games, including a win over Tommy Morrison.McCall lost his title to Frank “King Kong” Bruno of Great Britain, before Bruno was KO’d by Tyson and the WBC belt went to Tyson.Fast forward to 1996, and Lewis is hoping to regain the WBC belt.Wanted to challenge Tyson and took legal action to get a chance to challenge Tyson.But tyson, the WBC champion, wanted to win the WBA heavyweight title. The WBA champion was Bruce Selden, Tyson wanted to fight Selden, Lewis wanted to fight Tyson.In this way, Tyson was suspected of avoiding Lewis.Lewis had no choice but to resort to law.The U.S. Supreme Court of New Jersey rejected tyson’s plan to fight Selden, ruling that Tyson must first accept Lewis’s challenge.But Tyson chickened out.As a result, the tyson and Lewis teams struck a deal in which Briton Lewis received $4 million (worth about 2.6 million pounds at the time) in travel fees, allowing Tyson and Selden to fight first.Tyson easily KO’d Selden in the first round to win the coveted WBA belt.During that time, Lewis beat Ray – Mosell points, won the heat.Unfortunately, Tyson gave up the WBC belt and refused to fight Lewis.Lewis then fought McCall for the belt, which Tyson gave up, and Lewis TKO McCall in 5 rounds to regain the crown.So tyson could have fought Lewis, but he chose not to.In 1996, Tyson was only 30 years old, in the prime of his life, and although his incarceration had caused him to slip, he was still much better than he had been in 2002.Unfortunately, the competition did not take place in 1996.Finally, when the two faced each other in 2002, Lewis dominated the fight, KO ‘ing Tyson in eight rounds.A lot of people look up to Tyson and think that Tyson is invincible, which is a naive extreme idea.In fact, in 1996, Tyson could not be a match for Lewis, tyson actually avoided Lewis, also George Foreman.Of course, this is the result of commercial operation, not necessarily Tyson himself shunned, may be tyson promoters out of commercial interests to make the decision.