Build a Dream for Winter Olympics: Hunan Xinyasheng Optoelectronics will add luster to the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics

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Hunan Winter Olympics, February 6, 2022 (all media reporter Wang Yiqun, correspondent Zhang Ran) The Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games will be held in the national Stadium on The evening of February 4, hunan New Yasheng Optoelectronics Co., LTD., together with China Olympic Media, will provide display equipment support for the stage of the winter Olympic Games yanqing and Zhangjiakou award square.This is after dubai World Expo, Japan G20 Summit, Brazil World Cup, Russia World Cup, London Olympic Games and a series of international top events, The new Yaseng optoelectronics once again with the original patent technology trump products lit up the stage of the international event, become a dazzling scenery in this event.As the core display platform of the award ceremony, the stage of the Award square will hold a grand award ceremony for the winning athletes, awarding MEDALS to the winning athletes, raising the national flag, playing the national anthem, and showing the glory moment of the athletes in the Winter Olympics.The stage of the three creative awards plaza will also present elaborate awards performances to fully display the unique charm of Chinese culture.With the product application advantage of “one screen is universal, one screen is changeable”, Xinyasheng optoelectronics brings wonderful and passionate stage display effect, fully displays the wonderful, extraordinary and excellent New Olympic chapter, and presents the unique charm of Beijing “Double Olympic City”.Named after the Tree of Life, the yanqing Paralympic Winter Games Award Plaza stage is the main award venue for snow sports of the Beijing Paralympic Winter Games.The stage incorporates design elements such as the Great Wall and ice and snow culture. With towering trees in ice and snow as the main scene, the stage presents visual effects of atmospheric vitality, fully reflecting the strong vitality of “growing” in the snow of winter Paralympic athletes.The award plaza stage is located in the central area of the Olympic Celebration Square between the water Cube and the Bird’s Nest.The stage is named “Beauty and Togetherness”, symbolizing Beijing’s sincerity to take the Opportunity of the Winter Olympics to invite visitors from all over the world to celebrate the Chinese New Year. It embodies the beautiful vision of the global human family of beauty and harmony.The average winter temperature in Beijing is 2℃ to -5℃ for a long time, and the lowest temperature can reach -9℃. The average temperature in Zhangjiakou is below -10℃ for a long time, and the lowest temperature reaches -24.9℃ on record.This has put forward strict cold resistance requirements for the display application products of award stage.The MG series, the flagship product of Xinyaseng Optoelectronics, has appeared on the international pageant stage for many times, and has strong adaptability to the environment.Unique patented polymer nanomaterial, both the toughness of polymer material and the robustness of metal, products after low temperature aging test, the whole screen is cold and frost resistant, not afraid of the winter Olympics extremely cold weather environment, “Olympic grade” product quality, perfect presentation of the Winter Olympics award stage honor moment!It is worth mentioning that the gateway screen of China Pavilion in Dubai World Expo also uses MG series, an ace product. It is reported that the local temperature in Dubai can reach 50 degrees Celsius, and this product is in stable operation in Dubai.Collision of ice and fire, MG series with IP65 high protection performance, to ensure a long time stable and smooth operation in low temperature and high heat outdoor environment, to show the high-quality winter Olympics international grand event and outstanding Chinese style.Dubai world expo China pavilion new Asia mission – photoelectric display will reach contribution games display technology strength to ensure Beijing Olympics project successfully, hunan new Asia – photoelectric co., LTD. Set up the winter Olympics the project team, the team members overcome difficult, work overtime for a month, before and after finished the Olympics awards stage display delivery with good quality.During the epidemic period, the Project team of Xinyaseng Optoelectronics Winter Olympics entered the awarding stage for on-site security work, overcame numerous difficulties and successfully completed the visual effect guarantee work of the awarding stage of the Winter Olympics.Here, WE would like to thank Hua ‘ao Media for their trust and support as always. We would also like to thank Hua ‘ao Media for their valuable suggestions based on the situation of the live stage to help the Stage of the Winter Olympics present extraordinary visual effects.MG series of flagship products, won the “China innovative Products and Technology award”, and is included in the “National Torch Plan”, “Hunan Province hundred key new product promotion plan”.This product has more than 30 patents, relying on the application advantage of “one screen is universal, one screen is changeable”, and has accumulated rich experience in large-scale events. After the London Olympic Games, Sochi Olympic Games and Rio Olympic Games, this product once again appeared on the stage of Olympic events.”Company profile” — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — hunan new Asia – photoelectric co., LTD. Founded in 2001, main full color LED display screen, headquarters is located in changsha city of hunan province Jin Xia new Asia – photoelectric industrial park economic development zone.At present, the company has high-end conference display, stage rental, command and dispatch, outdoor advertising, commercial display, intelligent transportation and other products, sales network covers more than 100 countries and regions around the world.The company has strong research and development strength, with two r&d centers in Changsha and Shenzhen and CNAS accredited laboratories, which can independently carry out comprehensive testing and analysis of incoming materials, semi-finished products and finished products.By The end of December 2021, the company has owned 137 patents, including 3 international PCT invention patents, 11 domestic invention patents, 19 appearance design patents, 104 utility model patents.With excellent product quality, excellent service quality and efficient management team, the new Asia wins photoelectric world championships for Houston, dubai world expo, the G20 summit in Japan, Russia, the World Cup, Brazil’s World Cup, milan expo, the London Olympics, incheon Asian games, the central television station “national treasure”, China golden rooster award ceremony,Provide professional display application services for major projects such as Hunan, Beijing, Zhejiang SATELLITE TV New Year’s Eve concert, Shanxi Taiyuan Naked eye 3D large screen, Changsha IKEA LIhub, Shaoshanchong and so on.At present, Xinyasheng photoelectric has passed iso9001:2015 quality management system, ISO14001 environmental management system, ISO18000 occupational health and safety management system, CCC certification, CE certification, RoHS certification, FCC certification, ETL certification, RCM certification, BIS certification, two integration system evaluation.And successively won the “national science and technology innovative small and medium-sized enterprises”, “national key new product recommend enterprises”, “high-tech enterprise”, “national outstanding enterprises of electronic information industry”, “2019 ~ 2020 annual domestic LED the famous brand”, “hunan famous brand”, “hunan famous trademark”, “little giant enterprises in hunan province”, “industry-university-institute cooperation in hunan province colleges and universitiesFan Base “, “AEO Advanced certification enterprise”, “Hunan Quality credit AAA grade enterprise”, “Famous and excellent brand of performing arts equipment”, “Changsha Media Art Demonstration Enterprise”, provincial and municipal “specialized and special new” enterprise and other honors.”Magic Stage” series of innovative display screen won the “China Innovative Products and Technology Award”, and was included in the “National Torch Plan”, “Hunan Province hundred Key new product promotion plan”, “Hunan Province two types of products government procurement catalogue”.In the future, New Yasheng optoelectronics will continue to adhere to the “quality is the life of the enterprise, reputation is the source of the enterprise, development, pioneering, pragmatic, innovative” enterprise purpose, committed to the LED application technology field exploration, let “Oriental brilliance, dazzling the world”.