The short track speed skating team led by Wu Dajing of Jilin Province won the first gold medal!Snow and ice strong city jilin city to make due contributions

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Wu Dajing, Ren Ziwei, Qu Chunyu and Fan Kecin won the first gold medal of China’s Olympic short track speed skating team at the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics in Beijing on February 5.Among them jilin province player Wu Dajing is jilin city nationality athletes.On the same day, jilin City sports Bureau organized cadres and staff to gather in Jilin City winter Sports Management Center to watch the live broadcast of Beijing Winter Olympic Short track speed skating competition and cheer for China’s Winter Olympic athletes.It is understood that the Beijing Olympics, jilin athlete number for up to nine, jilin city winter Olympics service personnel 87 people, at the same time record number and service number of the winter Olympics two Olympics history record, making two new breakthrough, the record of the constantly increasing, the visual display in jilin municipal party committee municipal government under the leadership of,Jilin City Sports Bureau has fostered and transported a large number of ice and snow talents for the country, making due contributions to jilin City’s ice and snow strong city.Since “the games are successful in Beijing, the city sports bureau closely around the 2022 Beijing Olympics this historical opportunity, in-depth implementation of the Olympic champion cultivation plan of snow and ice, focus on giving full play to the advantages of traditional ice and snow sports projects, optimization of coaches, athletes, team structure, vigorously develop ice-snow sports reserve forces, ice and snow sports talent training effective, competitive sport grew and grew.Li Jianrou and Wu Dajing won the 500-meter short track speed skating gold medal in sochi winter Olympics in 2014 and Pyeongchang Winter Olympics in 2018 respectively, thus making Jilin City realize the glorious record of winning gold MEDALS in three consecutive Winter Olympics.Jilin city sports school principal Arthur wang said: “thanks to the people’s love and support of ice and snow sports, jiang would like to thank the leaders at all levels to give sports school construction and development of care and help, thanks to all the school people unremitting efforts and struggle, just have today the development of the sports school, there is a generation of good athletes mahoganypanelled splendour.It is no accident that athletes from sports schools won the gold MEDALS in the two Olympic Games in a row, which shows that we are on the right path in discovery, training and transportation, and that we have a solid foundation for industry training.I also want to thank the coaches and leaders at all levels who discovered and nurtured them.You are Bole, because everyone’s efforts and efforts to have them step by step into the national team, today can stand on the field of the Winter Olympics.Wish the athletes of Jilin nationality, wish our students, wish all Chinese ice and snow athletes can create history and create brilliance!Let us work together to the future!”Jilin city winter sports management center, director of the Korea both qi is introduced:” on the occasion of the Spring Festival, our country the games athletes be indomitable, is the game brought one after another for the national people’s good news, at this point, I asked of jilin city in Beijing athletes, coaches, and service personnel, for a long time of hard working point praise.It is hoped that all referees, coaches and staff will fulfill their duties and complete the work of the games with high quality and efficiency with a high sense of responsibility, warm service and selfless dedication.I hope our athletes and jilin athletes will fight hard in this Winter Olympic Games, have the courage to overcome difficulties, achieve results, level and style, and create new glory in the Olympic Games with perseverance and steadfastness.”