Fuyuan Notary Office successfully handled the first “zero contact” remote video notarization

2022-06-25 0 By

During the emergency period of epidemic prevention and control, the Notary Office of the Bureau of Justice actively explored new channels of notary service, opened “zero contact” remote video certificate handling business, and made more local residents know this business through a large amount of publicity.Recently, Ms. Jiang successfully applied for the “zero contact” remote video notarization through the Internet, which solved Ms. Jiang’s dilemma.On March 30th, Ms. Jiang, a resident of Fuyuan city, called from Hainan. She urgently needed to apply for the notarization of kinship not used for inheritance. Due to the epidemic, she could not go back to the Notary Office of Fuyuan City to apply for it.The notary knows the purpose of the party applying for notarization by telephone, and informs the party that he/she can apply for notarization online through the “wechat public number” of the Notary Office of Fuyuan city, Heilongjiang Province, and chooses “Zero Contact” remote video for notarization.31st afternoon, notaries to receive ms jiang “bid” online application, and through the big data platform to verify material submitted by the parties after accept the notarization matters, the two sides into the remote video attachment meeting rooms, through remote video notaries to show the “zero” notary told page platform, told the rights and obligations of the parties, at the same time making interrogation record,And it will need to be signed by the parties material, through the system generated qr code pushed to madame Chiang, madame Chiang in hainan home through mobile phone scan qr code into the small program for face recognition and identity authentication, to confirm and sign the name of receiving the file, and confirm the notarial deed mailing address, it only takes 36 minutes to complete the video registration process.On April 1, the notary urgently made the notarial certificate and delivered it to the party by mail, realizing the whole process of “zero contact”.The parties highly appraise the way and efficiency of the notary office.This is also the first time that Fuyuan Notary Office successfully handled the “zero-contact” remote video certificate handling since it opened the new mode of “zero-contact” remote video notarization, realizing the change from offline sitting in the hall to online “zero-contact” service, and effectively solving the problem of people handling certificates in different places.Not only provide more convenient and efficient notarization experience for the parties concerned, but also let the people really feel the speed and temperature of “Internet + notarization”;It has also practiced the practice concept of serving the people by further deepening the reform of the notary system and continuously optimizing the business environment.