National replication promotion!Jinan’s intellectual property experience and practices are included in the national “Optimize business Environment”

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Qilu nets, flash news on April 6, recently, the National Development and Reform Commission issued “China business environment report 2021” optimize business environment best ask best answer, from jinan market supervision and administration of “creating intellectual property of the whole chain synergy with ecological system”, “patent navigation work” was collected as the typical case, copy the whole country.China’s Business Environment Report 2021 and Optimizing the Business Environment Are authoritative channels for evaluating and releasing achievements in China’s business environment, comprehensively and systematically summarizing the pioneering experience and typical practices of optimizing the business environment in 80 Chinese cities and 18 state-level new districts.The typical practices explored and formed in the reform practice of optimizing the business environment in various cities in China will be compiled into a book and promoted nationwide.In recent years, jinan market supervision bureau to speed up the construction of intellectual property rights operation service system, actively explore the “enterprise + + industry organization + capital” of intellectual property rights operation development new path, make creation, utilization, protection, management and service of the whole chain synergy with ecological system, intellectual property operation main body ability, operating supply level, operational activity increasing,The number of invention patents owned by 10,000 people in The city reached 38.36, with a year-on-year increase of 5.18, the number of high-value patents owned by 10,000 people reached 12.78, with a year-on-year increase of 0.9, and the total number of registered trademarks reached 331,800, with a year-on-year increase of 26.09%.In the performance evaluation of key cities in the construction of national operation service system, Jinan was selected as the “excellent” city list and ranked the first in the third batch of operation cities, which was reported to the Provincial Reform Office as a local reform case by the Reform Office of CPC Municipal Committee.Innovation patent navigation work, around the industrial layout policy chain, the implementation of city innovation development quality evaluation of navigation engineering, navigation path leading industries of patents, preparation of the innovation ability of jinan city report “jinan city innovation development report plate (listed companies), for the city’s comprehensive industry orientation and provide decision-making basis for policymaking.Laying out innovation chain around industrial chain, establishing patent navigation service base, and completing 77 patent navigation projects of leading industry and regional characteristic industry.A new system of “1+1+N” ipr transfer and transformation has been established around the distribution and transformation chain of the industrial chain, with universities and institutes as the leader, The Qilu Ipr Exchange Center as the platform, and 11 development zones at or above the provincial level as the support. The annual growth rate of IP transfer permits has been 84.3%.Next, jinan market supervision bureau will fully implement the national intellectual property power construction program, further implement the strategy of intellectual property rights, continue to perfect the system of protection of intellectual property rights and protection of structure, perfecting the intellectual property rights innovation ecology and service supply, steadily enhance the level of intellectual property management capabilities and management, strive for the national intellectual property and city construction demonstration city,To provide impetus for the high-quality development of provincial capitals.Flash news reporter Duan Jiaqi Feng Yiwen reports