Spirit interview of the City’s Chief Procurator Meeting (IV)

2022-06-25 0 By

On March 21, jixi People’s Procuratorate held a meeting of the procurator-general of the city. Sun Chengyi, secretary of the Party Group and procurator-General of the Municipal People’s Court, made an important speech. The meeting comprehensively summarized the procuratorial work of the city in 2021, and put forward the overall thinking, overall requirements and target tasks of the procuratorial work in 2022.After the meeting, the grass-roots procuratorate actively implement the spirit of the meeting, to this end, the municipal court opened a “Chief procurator interview” column, specially invited the chief procurator of the grass-roots hospital, on how to implement the spirit of the city’s chief procurator meeting, talk about experience, ideas, measures, methods.Contribution: Jixi City Hospital Propaganda Ministry of Education video production: Liu Dayong editor: Wang Tianping review: Sun Jing

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