Tangshan Coast police choreographed modern shadow play

2022-06-25 0 By

Bohai Rim News news recently, by the Tangshan coast police bureau and Tangshan Jidong Folk Art Museum jointly compiled to rescue the sea for the theme of the modern shadow play “Tomorrow’s Sun” performance was a success.The modern shadow play “Tomorrow’s Sun” is based on a true story of a rescue at sea.It is easy to make shadow puppets move, but it is necessary to integrate them into one.In the folk museum, the coast guard law enforcement officers patiently learn skills from professionals.”Shake, twist, knead, drag, flip…This is the basic skill of shadow puppetry, and it takes practice over and over again to get the hang of it.”After more than a month of careful preparation, the coast guard law enforcement officers quickly mastered the basic skills of puppetry operation, hands-on manipulation, experience the fun of shadow puppetry performance, presented a wonderful play to open the New Year.The tangshan coast guard bureau previously and tangshan culture and tourism bureau of radio, film and television culture and agreement, the success of the program performances, and coastal new era not only shows the loyalty to party’s fundamental purpose of the service for the people, also highlights the new era development and cooperation to build the new vision, new hope, to promote the cultural construction of the depth of the fusion development lay a solid foundation.(Tang Xuan) Source: Huanbo News network