The king of cost-effective collar Rui invites you to appreciate

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SUV in the ceiling of the Ford Core came out of nowhere, with a guide price starting at 139,800.1935 super wide body, to the type of grid bearing, not from the vanguard;Tracking reversing assistance, lane keeping system, traffic sign recognition and more than 20 black technology intelligent driving assistance system, SUV intelligent new height, open a new realm of intelligent driving;1500Mpa high-strength steel body, Ford global standard adjustment chassis, on-board emergency calling system and other all-area safety systems guarantee escort for each segment of the journey.Ford Experience Center in Jiangling, Jiangxi province opens a new realm of courtesy: One gift: Network customers will receive rui exclusive luxury gift upon entering the store, secret blind box + Ford pillow;Double gift: 1,935 yuan deposit expansion to deduct 4,630 yuan of car payment;Triple gift: exclusive subsidy for car purchase, 0 interest rate for 3 years, replacement can enjoy 4000 yuan subsidy;Four gifts: 3 years of basic maintenance, free data flow for life, engine & gearbox warranty for life;Five gifts: you can enjoy the gift of handing over your car to your loved one. At the same time, you can participate in the lucky draw. Prizes include microwave oven, child safety seat, etc.Six gifts: old customers successfully recommend new customers to buy cars, 500 yuan gas card +300 yuan after sale fund.More preferential details please call sincerely invite you to the store test drive, look forward to your visit!Address: No. 272 Yingbin North Road (next to Jiangling Station of Subway Line 3)