The probability of meeting Japan again in the semi-final, Vietnam women’s football team expressed dissatisfaction, can the women’s football team pass this pass?

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Women’s Asian cup tournament is over in the group stage, Chinese women’s football team first, will be on a quarter of the game against Vietnam women’s football, incidentally, is in Chinese football for Vietnam’s soccer World Cup qualifying the second round, just one day apart, two games women’s soccer team beat Vietnam is a big probability event, if can beat Vietnam in on the first team and football,I believe it can also give the fans some comfort.At 20:00 GMT on January 30, China women’s football team will play Vietnam women’s football team, beating the opponents to reach the semi-finals is the immediate priority.At the Jordan Women’s Asian Cup four years ago, China beat Thailand 4-0 in the first match, the Philippines 3-0 in the second match and Jordan 8-1.Dalian Quanjian: 11- Wang Shanshan, 4- Li Danyang, 15- Song Duan, 3- Xue Jiao jiangsu Suning: 8- Ma Jun, 14- Xu Yanlu, 12- Peng Shimeng, 9- Tang Jiali changchun Rural Commercial Bank:23- Ren Gui-xin, 18- Han Peng, 20- Zhang Rui-wu Hanjiang University: 7- Wang Shuang, 13- Lv Yue-yun, 5- Wu Haiyan, 6- Lin Yuping Shandong Sports Lottery: 10- Li Ying Beijing Beikong: 2- Liu Shanshan, 17- Gu Yasha, 22- Xu Huan Guangdong Huijun:After losing 3-1 to Japan in the semi-finals, China beat Thailand 3-1 to claim third place in the tournament.At that time, the team was led by the Icelandic coach Sigg – Eyjoersson, this report card is not qualified, soon dismissed by Jia Xiuquan to take over.The uruguayan-born uruguayan-born striker as many as nine players in Chinese team participated in the last of the women’s Asian cup, the king of the absolute main force player with frost, vian the “king of Fried organization” and Tang Jiali Li Ying, LouJiaHui China women’s group head 4-0 victory over Chinese Taipei, war 7-0 victory over Iran, India because of the new champions league game 3 epidemic situation out of the race,3-0 win without a fight.Opening women’s lineup: forward: vian midfielders: Zhang Linyan The king of the frost Viann nickname back: LouJiaHui Yang Lina defenders: ms yao, Li Jiayue, xiao-xue wang, Gao Chen goalkeeper: Zhu Yu: in the second half Li Mengwen, Li Ying, Wu Chengshu, Yao Lingwei, Tang Jiali war starting lineup: also named time keeper: li-na zhao defenders: ms yao, xiao-xue wang, Li Jiayue, LouJiaHui back:Gao Chen, Yao Lingwei midfield: Zhang Xin, Xiao Yuyi, Wang Shuang Forward: Wang Shanshan except the third goalkeeper Xu Huan, Ma Jun and Liu Yanqiu have not been able to get the opportunity to debut, the rest of the 20 players all came on stage, from the second game, water guidance’s main lineup has been clearly revealed.Ten minutes before the opening of Taipei while scoring two goals, but the team’s midfield organization, slightly less than control ability, attack a bit sluggish acerbity, but in the second half after adjustment, the Chinese women’s team offensive, even if is the depth of the Chinese Taipei defense are no limits, get a lot of scoring opportunities, in addition to viann nickname and frost’s goal, king Li Ying appearance of the first shot and then the post,Then Miss Tang hit the door in the penalty area, but also slightly off.Overall, the offense played better in the second half than in the first.Chinese Taipei, not weak in the group, then beat Iran 5-0 to finish second in the group.In the second game, Xiao Yuyi was active, tang’s state was further improved in the second half, in addition to a goal, Wang Shuang forced the opponent’s own goal was also created by Tang’s wonderful pick pass, and her appearance time increased from 15 minutes to 30 minutes, recovering from the fatigue of the long journey.Chinese Taipei women’s football team VS The Philippines Women’s Football team Head coach Shui Qingxia said at a press conference on The morning of Jan 29, 2018:The team to develop in the direction of more and more good, hope that the players can more believe in yourself, especially in after the game, could face more difficulties and look forward to our players and the team don’t fear opponent, to fully enjoy the pleasure of football to bring on the pitch, in accordance with the requirements of the training we do in the transition, I think can get ideal result.Some fans shout the slogan of the title, personally think or don’t talk to girls too high requirements, after all, the adaptation of the coaches and players is not overnight thing, although Tang Jiali at tottenham have a foothold, appear to be much more stronger than before, play more aggressive, also can be found with the king to frost chemical reaction is not achieved overnight,There was a problem of overlap between the two characters, which was not well solved in Jia Xiuquan’s period.Compared to the radicalization of a few fans, it is clear that the water director is very clear, first of all, we still have to beat Vietnam women’s football team to reach the semi-finals, and then get the World Cup ticket, which is the first goal of the women’s football team to participate in the Asian Cup, must be achieved.Vietnam, which lost 3-0 to Japan and South Korea in group play, seemed to be a bit more capable defensively than Chinese Taipei and Iran, which played China.Recently, according to Vietnamese media, the Vietnamese women’s football team hopes to create a miracle to defeat the Chinese women’s football team!Vietnam’s women’s national team is determined to win and advance to the 2022 Asian Cup quarterfinal against China, according to thethao247, a leading Vietnamese media outlet.”The whole team is very determined to give China a surprise, even though the opponent is very strong.I told the Vietnamese women’s team that in order for them to win, they had to play at more than 100 percent.Nothing in football is impossible.What Vietnam has is belief and unity, and that’s why we think about miracles.””In recent days, we are all studying and coming up with the most effective solution to compete with China.Everything is in the preparation stage and now the Vietnamese team is very confident because it has special plans.”In view of this game, Viet Nam team prepared a special plan, presumably how many fans can guess, put the bus to defend, and then take advantage of the Chinese team long attack, appear impatient mood, timely attack a.This strategy might worry fans if it were Vietnam versus China, but it may not work for China’s women.China, South Korea and Japan women’s football, when it comes to confrontation and air ball ability, the Chinese team is one of the strongest, Japan and South Korea two teams with Vietnam in the penalty area spell rate, low efficiency of natural goal, can meet the Chinese team, lift boom and the foot of frost and Tang Jiali very hard, wang put the bus Vietnam team lost the ball just sooner or later, the event, unless the lucky goddess on their side, let the Chinese team play three or four post,It could have gone to extra time, or even a penalty shoot-out, but that’s a very unlikely event.