Us nuclear bomb in Europe show off, directed at Russia, figure 142M close to the UK, Putin quickly face

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On February 1, the US Air Force deployed several B-1B supersonic strategic nuclear bombers, accompanied by large aerial refueling tankers, to Carry out strategic deterrence cruise operations in Europe. At the same time, the United Kingdom royal Air Force showed off its joint display, during which the ROYAL Air Force flew F-35B Lightning II fighter jets.They flew in joint formation with U.S. Air Force B-1B and F-15E fighters.The U.S. Air Force’s B-1B strategic nuclear bomb comes from the U.S. mainland, and the U.S. intends to put pressure on Russia through its trans-Atlantic deterrence cruise, especially when Ukraine and Russia are at war with each other.202202035/ Global Defense Watch/Alek, the US and Russia have previously talked about NATO expansion and Ukraine, but the two sides failed to reach an agreement.In the United States air force use B – 1 B directed at Russia, strategic nuclear bomb appeared in Europe as a fighting nation Russia launched a counter, according to Russian media reported, the Russian navy on February 2, move two figure – 142 – m heavy anti-submarine patrol at sea, performed to military missions over the Atlantic waters in the east,During which it approached the airspace near Scotland, England.In the Russian navy figure – 142 – m after heavy anti-submarine patrol approaching British airspace, immediately send the raf eurofighter typhoon, for the Russian navy figure – 142 – m heavy anti-submarine patrol tracking and monitoring, the Russian navy was regardless of the British royal air force fighter jets flying off “, “the stubborn still execute their tasks.The Russian navy figure – 142 – m anti-submarine patrol approaching British heavy sea, global defense observe think that Russia “dozen dog show host” action, in the face of the U.S. air force using B – 1 B supersonic strategic nuclear bomb deterrent patrol, Russian President vladimir putin face fast enough for the United States and NATO, direct use of heavy anti-submarine patrol approaching NATO,Including approaching UK Airspace over Scotland.Russia has never been vague about countering NATO and the US, and this time it hit the US hard in the face. Since the US air Force is going to launch a provocation with THE B-1B, Russia will take a soft target and the UK is the best target for deterrence, because the UK is a staunch ally of the US.The Tu-142M heavy anti-submarine patrol aircraft, a modified version of the Tu-95MS strategic nuclear bomber, was also exported to the Indian Navy in addition to Russian naval equipment.The Tu-142M anti-submarine aircraft, like the Tu-95MS strategic nuclear bomber, is turbo-powered. The Tu-142M has a very long range, so it can carry out deterrent cruise operations in the airspace near the United Kingdom.As Russia’s Tu142M heavy maritime anti-submarine patrol aircraft set up a deterrent cruise, Norway, as well as Britain, used air power to take a close look at the Tu142M.In its first mission in February, the Russian Navy tu142M took on Britain.Russia has never been afraid of western threats. One action is better than ten thousand words of protest. The Russian Navy has once again set an example to the world with the action of the Tu-142M heavy maritime anti-submarine aircraft.The United States is not invincible, although the Surface of the United States is quite powerful, but now the United States has been caught in the “triple crisis”, the United States did not have the past spirit, Russia is to see the United States is in decline, so in the time of the counter is good.As a core ally of the United States, Britain is weaker in overall national strength, so it becomes a “soft target” for Russia.