Nathan: I used to be called arrogant when I first met you, but I changed my attitude when I learned to train horses

2022-06-26 0 By

Bayern Munich coach Jurgen Nagelsmann, one of the leading German coaches of the new generation, has admitted that he used to come across as arrogant at first, but has since changed his attitude by learning to handle horses.”I always had a problem with people meeting me for the first time saying, ‘He’s so arrogant,'” Nagelsmann told the club’s podcast.The young coach chose to help shake off that first impression by learning to handle horses, advice he got from a horse trainer.Nathan: “Horses are not evaluators. they respond to your aura.If you’re near a fence and all the horses are running away, you’re obviously behaving too aggressively.”At the beginning of the course, the horses tried to break out of the enclosure when they saw Nagelsmann, but that changed three days later. “The horses and I spent two solid hours in the dark paddock,” Nathaie said.Nagelsman learned from the experience how to deal with others. “You certainly try to bring that into the dressing room,” he says.Body language and eye contact are more important than words.(carry wood)