Ruixue fengnian another spring, Dongxiang snow picturesque

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New Year is not youth, early February surprised to see grass sprouts.Snow is too late spring, so wear court trees for flying flowers.”Spring to even snow, winter is negative snow, or snow betrayed the winter…”This sentence in the online ridicule for a long time of discourse, really witnessed a spring snow in northwest China.After the start of spring, the weather temperature rose for several days, so that the silt of a winter began to recover.As the snow and ice melted, so did the quiet, solemn, and simple of winter.The bird’s cry is louder than usual, the blue sky is higher and farther, the cold winter has gone far, this spring is beautiful, but never thought, the cold air is like a good agreement, overnight, the wind swept the whole dongxiang earth with snow.Spring snow covered mountains and rivers Milky Way, white and simple but elegant, empty and quiet, all show the North scenery, beautiful beautiful beautiful snow scene qing dream.The wind in the snow has a deep cool, the snow in the wind has endless clever, gently soft white all, but this is a color, but dotted with the world.A good snow promises a good harvest.No matter how long this winter, but always to the past, and this white snow, for us to bring endless reverie and fun.In fact, the truth between heaven and earth is the same: a long and cold winter is bound to bring about a more brilliant and beautiful spring;A lonely and calm waiting, will be exchanged for a prosperous and bright future, just the length of time.”Tube but their own body in the heart, chest sun and moon often xinmei.”Far look, in the light of the tree, branches have become flexible, remnants of the snow under the wheat seedlings, sharp leaves have pan-green, winter, really is going to the past.The snow changed the spring water without a trace, I believe that after the storm, there will be another vitality!Source: Dongxiang Culture Travel