Since ancient times, red and blue out of CP, this spring popular “red + blue” classic combination, white and fashionable

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In fact, we should be very familiar with red and blue, known as the classic collocation is not without argument, the two colors will not be very abrupt, but also in the visual effect of red has been modified, it will not look so gorgeous.So these two collision out of the spark that is very wonderful, increased a lot of style, with pants and skirts will be very good-looking, do not have a flavor.First of all, let’s take a look at the retro wind. Red and blue are especially good to match the retro wind, because it is more popular in recent years. At this time, we can try the collocation of red top and jeans.With jeans suspenders, with a red and white top, and then a hat decoration, no problem retro fashion, and out of the street will not clash shirt, super bright eyes.Of course, with a red long shorts is also ok, above can wear a blue top, and then with a red and white plaid bow tie, the whole full of fashion focus.The feeling of youth wind youth, red and blue is also very can match out, blue shirt with red skirt, bright and rich sense of youthful vigor, spring out of the street super appropriate.Of course, the collocation of light color jeans is indispensable, the red hoodie plus a blue shawl, the whole echoes each other, increasing a lot of campus sense, and then a red socks, etc., is very characteristic.Casual wind casual wind, of course, also not, a loose red hoodie can be done, plus the support of the broken pants, a little personality outside taking photos of what are super good-looking.A puffy dress with a light blue blouse adds a touch of flavor to the fairy look, and you can try this combination if you like wearing skirts.(Pictures from the network, if any infringement immediately delete)