Ye Bin: Escort lishui’s health cause with his superb medical skills

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Editor’s note for stories about great scientists, carry forward the spirit of scientists, the provincial association for science and technology this year continue to launch new era “technology people” series, the selection of a batch of long-term take root in a line, actively devoted to scientific and excellent science and technology workers, people like to listen to, listen to the language, vivid story of their decisions and joint provincial professional media,We will carry out all-media dissemination through radio, video, the Internet and other forms, create a good atmosphere for promoting the spirit of scientists in society, and reproduce the vivid practice of scientists listening to and following the Party.”Science and technology dream chasers” publicity activities will be regular, regular, welcome the province at all levels of science and technology associations, associations (associations, research, promotion), university science and technology associations, enterprise science and technology associations recommended to send excellent science and technology workers in the unit, the form is not sticking to one pattern, can be news reports, self-reported articles or pictures, videos.This public number will be published on the basis of merit.Ye Bin, director of the Department of Gastroenterology, Lishui Central Hospital, MD, master supervisor, chief physician, standing member of Digestive Endoscopy Branch of Zhejiang Medical Association, vice chairman of Tumor Endoscopy Branch of Zhejiang Anti-Cancer Association, Chairman of Lishui Digestive Diseases Branch of Medical Association.He was awarded 138 First-level Talents in Lishui, 2017 Top Ten Outstanding Youth in Lishui, 2017 second Green Valley Special Famous Doctor in Lishui and other honors.I heard that the gastroenteroscopy was very painful, so I was afraid to come for an examination. Unexpectedly, the gastroenteroscopy you did for me turned out to be painless. Next time, I will bring my family to see Doctor Ye for an examination!”This is what happened at the door of endoscopic examination room of gastroenterology Department of Lishui Central Hospital on January 24. Mr. Zhang, who had just finished the colonoscopy, said to Ye Bin happily.Because of Ye Bin’s excellent medical skills, many people are waiting in line for him to have a gastroenteroscopy.Ye bin says he has so many requests for gastroenteroscopy that normal appointments often take more than four to five months.Ye Bin lishui central hospital digests medical director, m.d., Ph.D., chief physician, master tutor, and zhejiang province medical association branch of digestive endoscopy of standing committee, zhejiang province anti-cancer association tumor endoscopic branch, deputy director of the committee members, digestive disease branch of director of lishui city medical association member, is also the first level talents, lishui 138 top ten outstanding youth of lishui city in 2017,In 2017, he was awarded the title of the second Green Valley Special Famous Doctor in Lishui.Ye bin completed his master’s degree at Zhejiang University in 2005 and returned to work at lishui Central Hospital in his hometown.Because gastroenterology was not particularly popular at the time, he chose it.Pursuing a master’s degree in gastroenterology at Zhejiang University, Ye Bin stepped into the threshold of gastroenterology and developed a great interest in this major.In 2010, Lishui Central Hospital encouraged young doctors to further their studies, and Ye bin went to the Second Military Medical University to study for a doctoral degree under the guidance of Academician Li Zhaosen and Professor Zou Duowu.In his professional field, he came into contact with the most advanced gastroenterology and digestive endoscopy techniques in China, and learned the cutting-edge endoscopic techniques at that time, such as ERCP and EUS.Because of his outstanding professional level, the leaders of the hospital promoted him to be the director of the department of gastroenterology, which also provided a platform for him to display his professional skills.Ye Bin quickly grew from an ordinary doctor to a director of gastroenterology with good professional accomplishment.Gastric cancer and colon cancer are serious threats to people’s health, especially colorectal cancer, whose mortality rate has risen to the second place among all cancer diseases in recent years.However, whether it is gastric cancer or colorectal cancer, as long as early detection, early treatment is completely curable.So how to detect early becomes very important.Gastroenteroscopy is the best method, intuitive, effective, and relatively cheap.However, because many people feel uncomfortable and painful, gastroenteroscopy has limited the common development of gastroenteroscopy.Ye Bin has especially strengthened his own and his team’s professional skills in this area.Ye Bin vigorously promoted various technologies for the early detection of gastric cancer, set in busy endoscopy, with the detection of early gastric cancer as the ultimate goal of gastroscopy, so that the detection rate of early gastric cancer in Lishui Central Hospital increased to about 50%, significantly higher than the national average (20%), saving the lives of many patients.In the early diagnosis and treatment of colon cancer: the single-person colonoscopy technology was promoted in endoscopy centers, and the standard of colonoscopy was established to evaluate whether it could reduce patients’ pain. The level of single-person colonoscopy was greatly improved, and most colonoscopy was completed with little or no pain.The number of colonoscopies and colonoscopic treatments has doubled in recent years.At the same time of daily visits, Ye Bin also pay special attention to teaching, scientific research and achieved fruitful results, the successful completion of the undergraduate teaching task, not only attaches importance to the training of the students’ clinical thinking ability, at the same time, also use their good English ability, active participation in teaching for international students, using English patient rounds, made contributions in the teaching work of foreign students.In terms of scientific research, he has completed 2 provincial and ministerial projects and a number of departmental projects, presided over 4 research projects, and participated in the compilation of 2011 clinical digestive progress and digestive ultrasound endoscopy academic works, and published more than 10 SCI articles as the first author and corresponding author respectively.”When dealing with different patients every day, especially critically ill patients, a single decision can change the fate of patients, so the responsibility of doctors is very important.”Ye Bin feels the mission of doctors.When through their own efforts to let patients get relief, quickly turned the corner, when patients with repeated visits to do a lot of checks, and a lot of drugs, spent a lot of money will not solve the problem, but in his hand with dozens of pieces of medicine they solve the problem, he felt great joy, and more let him feel the real value as a doctor.Next, Ye bin said he hopes to train more endoscopists, shorten the appointment time and improve the quality of gastroenteroscopy so that lishui residents can enjoy high-quality gastroenteroscopy services without leaving home.People now enjoy a higher living standard, the demand for high quality medical also is rising, as a doctor to continuous efforts, continuous learning, continuous progress of communication, better serve the people, and also hope that the whole society to form a better atmosphere of the medical education, to attract more excellent talents engaged in the medical profession, make great contribution to human health.Source: Lishui Science and Technology Association