CCTV comes to Yueqing again!

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Recently, CCTV “Travel with Books” camera team came to Yandang Mountain world Geopark, all-round, multi-angle shooting yandang Mountain unique geology and geomorphology and cultural connotation, and will produce 7 sets of special topics, in May this year in THE CCTV science and education channel broadcast.”Travel with Books” is an experiential cultural and educational program created by CCTV Science and Education Channel of China Media Group.The program uses primary and secondary school textbooks or classic works as clues, while “reading ten thousand books”, “travel ten thousand miles”, approaches cultural relics, tells stories in real situations, gets education personally, touches history, perceiving culture, and makes the heritage displayed on the vast land come alive.The CCTV “Travel with Books” camera team used half a month of field materials, shooting content around rhyolite geology and geomorphology, Xu Xiake’s travel notes, the history of mining in Changyu Cave, etc., to the audience a full range of unique geological and geomorphology of Yandang Mountain and Xu Xiake’s footprints in exploring Yandang Mountain.In recent days, the film team has been in Lingfeng, Lingyan, Big longchu and other purposes of landscape exploration, research.Under the camera, the host and the students along the footprints of Xu Xiake, find the source of Big longqiushui, long qiushui back all the way to see the shape of the mountain water;In the dragon nose cave, one by one to identify all the dynasties left by the poets and inscriptions, from the numerous cliff stone perception of the context of the millennium;At the back of chaoyang Cave, you can observe the large and small “stone balls” — ball-shaped rhyolite, and listen to the volcanic echo hundreds of millions of years ago…This photo takes Xu Xiake’s trail as the main line, carefully observes and sorts out geological relics, natural ecology, cultural customs and so on layer by layer of Yandang Mountain, just like developing a detailed travel strategy.It is reported that “Travel with books” yandang Mountain geopark thematic preliminary draft is divided into seven episodes, around the “May Day” on CCTV premiere, broadcast time for Monday to Friday CCTV10 science and education channel 18:54.Yandang Mountain World Geopark joined the world geopark network in 2005 and is the first geopark with the theme of Mesozoic volcanic geology and geomorphology.The joint shooting of the feature film with CCTV will further promote yandang Mountain World Geopark in the protection of natural resources, the popularization of earth science knowledge, the development of geoscience tourism and promote the sustainable development of local economy and other aspects of new achievements.Source: Wenzhou news client recommended reading >& gt;An asymptomatic infected person was found in Longwan, who had taken a bullet train!Wenzhou held a press conference to report the latest situation!
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