Listed half a month on the price, red rice K40S price low, compared to THE K40 who is more worth buying

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This year, the strategy of Redmi K50 series has changed again. It is possible that the positioning of K50 e-sports version is higher than the price, and the regular version of K50 series has canceled the extra-large cup.Instead, the K40S was introduced as the standard edition.K40S is a classic continuation of K40, in the fast charge, photography and other details to make improvements, at the same time the price is further reduced, so that it becomes quite able to play in the thousand yuan machine.After the K40S went on sale, the Redmi K40 was pulled from the shelves.As a replacement for the K40, the K40S is very hot.However, the red Rice K40 is still available on third-party platforms.The K40S is a good price for money, but faced with the lower price of the K40, some users will hesitate.Is it better to go with the older version, which costs less, or the newer version, which has more features?It should be noted that the 12+256GB version of K40 is currently priced at 1859 yuan by third parties.Although the K40S has only been on the market for about half a month, it is still under pressure from the market.With a certain drop, its 8+256GB version came to $2009.Here’s a look at what the Redmi K40S improves on: It retains the K40’s Samsung E4 AMOLED straight screen, a Snapdragon 870+LPDDR5+UFS 3.1 storage combo, and a 4,520mah battery.The upgrade is the rear 48 million main camera with OIS optical stabilization, which is rare in a thousand dollar machine.Before, red Rice K40 photo was a big slot point, mainly responsible for scanning code, now there is a certain improvement in the film.In addition, the heat dissipation of K40S is further improved.Liquid cooled copper tube heat dissipation becomes 3112mm² VC heat dissipation.The Snapdragon 870, which wasn’t very hot, got even colder.Fast charge is upgraded from 33W to 67W, this specification is second to none in the thousand yuan machine.So how to choose between two phones?Personally, I prefer the 12+256GB Redmi K40.After all, with a larger storage portfolio, users in this price segment are more likely to want their phones to last longer and value price more.67W fast charge, OIS, and heat perception are not as strong.If more value fast charge, the price after the K40S is also a good choice.If you feel the article is helpful to you, welcome to forward attention!