Take the initiative to reduce pressure for China!Germany once again turned against the US and Europe, and Lithuania was caught off guard

2022-06-27 0 By

In recent years, under the influence of American will, some small European countries have become the mouthpieces of American will.Lithuania is one of them. It has repeatedly challenged the One-China principle and even allowed the Taiwan authorities to set up a representative office. China has been strongly dissatisfied with its transgressions.So relations between the two sides were reduced to “charge d ‘affaires” level, and trade came to a near standstill.Originally, Lithuania thought that the trade between the neutrals was not close and the impact would not be great if offended.Instead, many European countries have distanced themselves from Lithuania for fear of being implicated.Overwhelmed, Lithuania rushed to the “big brother” of the EU, which immediately came to Lithuania’s defense and took the initiative to pressure China.At this critical moment, what Lithuania never expected happened, Germany took the initiative to stand up for China to relieve pressure.It is well known that the European Union and the United States are brothers in the same pants, waiting for instructions from the United States on important decisions.However, recently, Germany, the bellwether of the EU, has openly come out in opposition to the US and Europe, upholding a supportive attitude towards China.There is much talk of Lithuania crying to the European Union about China’s trade crackdown.Let’s hope the EU gets involved.Recently, the “big brother” EU took the initiative to solve the problems of the younger brother, and referred the “discriminatory trade” between neutral parties to the WTO for settlement.It is worth noting that the EU is deeply divided on its stance towards China this time around.Scholz’s office has said the EU will remain “aggressive” towards China in order to protect Lithuania.After France said China’s attack on Lithuania had gone “too far”, Mr Scholz called on German-speakers in the European Commission to ease pressure on China.Germany’s move is undoubtedly a blow to Lithuania, showing its positive stance towards China.It has to be said that the new chancellor’s attitude towards China is roughly the same as Merkel’s, and it seems that sino-German relations are expected to be further improved in the future.Practical rationality, Germany’s relatively special situation in Germany, is a three party ruling country, scholz has showed pragmatic stance on China, but also of the liberal Democratic Party (LDP) and the greens attitude is not friendly to China, even after the green party President and minister of bell burke was published many anti-china rhetoric, a no smoke inside the fighting started in Germany will be,Of course Scholz’s ideas must be dominant.It is worth noting that Scholz showed a different attitude towards Russia.He opposes the export of lethal weapons to Ukraine by countries such as Estonia, saying it is wrong.It is not hard to see that Germany is more rational and pragmatic than other European countries. Germany does not want to be manipulated by the US and become a “puppet”.If Europe were to adopt Germany’s attitude, the world would run smoothly.Reference source for some information: Guanchan.com