Animation “disassemble” the ice ribbon, which contains so many secrets

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Ice Ribbon: A Case of ‘snow’ at a speed skating rinkAlthough it looks like a snowman, it’s not really a snowman. It’s a ribbon of ice.Clock!The curved curtain wall of the speed skating hall tilts outward from top to bottom, making the overall space smaller.The smaller the fridge, the more energy it consumes. Same thing.But nothing was missing.Curved roofs can also be more environmentally friendly and use less electricity.The most suitable style is steel cable, which will sag naturally.The principle is simple, just like a rope, if stretched too tight, it won’t hold much weight.However, when it hangs down to a reasonable shape, it can bear more pressure.And, of course, with less steel.How to make ice more environmentally friendly?Carbon dioxide transcritical direct cooling system, the most environmentally friendly ice making technology in the world.It minimizes the use of freon.How to make the fastest ice?It’s important that the ice be uniform.The adventure of Wiggle and Snowball seemed to be over.However, the ice ribbon competition is about to begin, looking forward to the Performance of the Chinese team as a whole Guo Chunxiao, director tian Yu, mirror, Gong Jie animation, Wei Xuedong, Jiang Yunjie, Zhang Qiqi, Su Peng, Zhang Bo, production, Zhang Jin, Operation, Xu Shixin, Ming xie, Zheng Fang, on-duty editor, WU Yanzu