Notice!Huaihua traffic police announced the main city motor vehicles illegal parking behavior strict management section

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Released on motor vehicles strict management sections of illegal parking behavior notice in order to strengthen road traffic management, further enhance the city road traffic capacity, regulate the behavior of illegal motor vehicle parking, according to the law of the People’s Republic of China on road traffic safety “, will now which is the main vehicle illegal parking behavior announced strict management sections as follows:The majority of drivers are requested to consciously abide by the road traffic safety laws and regulations, strictly in accordance with the provisions of road traffic signs and line marking, obey the command and guidance of the public security traffic police and traffic management personnel on the scene, violators will be investigated in strict accordance with the law, the corresponding legal responsibility.For other prohibited sections, the traffic control department of public security will implement the management by flexible law enforcement according to the actual situation. If the driver makes rectification immediately according to the on-site requirements of the traffic control department of public security and the auxiliary police personnel or after receiving the warning message of the traffic control department of public security, he/she will not be punished in accordance with the law.At the same time, the public security traffic management department will adjust the illegal parking behavior of motor vehicles according to the specific situation of the road and traffic flow changes and strict management of road sections.This circular shall come into force five (5) days after its promulgation.Traffic police Detachment of Huaihua Public Security Bureau February 21, 2002