All you need to know about engine carbon accumulation is here

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We’ve all heard about engine carbon deposition but what does it do to the vehicle?How can carbon deposition be better removed?I’m sure most of the car owners have their doubts. Next, Aggie tells us about carbon accumulation in the engine. Carbon accumulation is caused by the insufficient combustion of the fuel mixture in the engine.During the operation of the engine, a part of the fuel and a small amount of oil steam and some impurities in the oil, these kinds of substances will form a glue after high temperature oxidation, and then after high temperature barbecue, it becomes carbon accumulation.01 Long-term injection of poor quality fuel these fuel is often not pure enough to contain impurities, combustion is not sufficient to residues, impurities and fuel together deposited in the engine, it is easy to form carbon deposition.The engine of 02 has been idle for a long time. Urban roads are congested, and the idle ratio of stop-and-go driving is relatively high.Idle engine power output is very small, also can not fully burn gasoline, will also increase carbon accumulation.03 Long-term excessive hot car, ignition parking part of the car owners may have excessive hot car or long time ignition parking habit.This can also lead to the formation of carbon deposits if the engine is stationary for long periods of time.04 Engine long-term load is too large if the engine can not rest for a long time, or the engine is in overload operation state for a long time, usually will also cause the increase of carbon deposition.Fuel cars inevitably accumulate carbon.When it is found that there is a significant increase in fuel consumption, obvious odor in tail gas, power decline, or difficulty in starting, a lot of carbon may have been generated.Carbon deposition is not terrible, timely cleaning and good driving habits can reduce the generation of carbon deposition.It is suggested that every car owner should do carbon cleaning every 20,000 to 40,000 kilometers. It should be noted that carbon deposition basically exists in the throttle, nozzle, three-way catalytic converter and engine, which needs to be cleaned by professionals at authorized service stations.