The Overseas Chinese Office of Ya ‘an carried out post-Holiday visits to overseas Chinese enterprises

2022-06-29 0 By

At the start of the New Year, yaan overseas jointly with the municipal commission for discipline inspection in the municipal party committee united front work department team, the vice minister, director of the overseas Chinese Gao Chongjun and disciplinary leader Zhou Mei led to the famous mountains area, by the open area, xingxian visits condolences oversea Chinese enterprise, research companies to return to work and production situation, understand the difficult problems of the enterprise, help enterprise to solve difficult, plugging point in the process of operation, the escort for the enterprise development.Gao Chongjun and his delegation visited Mingshan Chia Tai Tea Co., LTD., Sichuan Jinhongye Paper Co., LTD., and Sichuan Baoxing Xibao Superfine Powder Industry Co., LTD. Through field research and discussion, they had a detailed understanding of the production process, operation situation, sales situation, difficulties and problems in the operation process of the enterprises.It is learned that the three enterprises are faced with the following difficulties in the operation process: first, The marketing channels of Oolong tea of Mingshan Zhengda Tea Co., Ltd. are narrow, and they are in urgent need of opening chongqing and overseas markets;Second, it is difficult for the children of jinhongye Paper Co., Ltd. to introduce talents to nearby schools, the sales volume of products in our city has certain limitations, and the sales cost is high in other places.The third is that Xibao superfine powder Industry Co., Ltd. reflects the large increase in electricity costs and the difficulty in purchasing raw materials, resulting in a large increase in production costs.Gao Chongjun expressed his heartfelt thanks to the overseas Chinese enterprises in Yaan for their contributions to the economic and social development of yaan in the past year. He will actively coordinate and solve the problems existing in the enterprises. First, the problems and difficulties existing in the enterprises will be reported to the local Party Committee and government in a timely manner, and coordinate the relevant municipal departments to actively solve them.Second, we will help enterprises build Bridges and platforms through multiple channels, promote communication between enterprises and government departments and between enterprises, help enterprises integrate into the Chengdu-Chongqing Shuangcheng Economic circle, broaden sales channels, and help enterprises develop better.Third, in the New Year, I hope that all enterprises will further strengthen their confidence in development, seize market opportunities, strengthen their main industry, dare to innovate and make breakthroughs, and shoulder social responsibilities, striving to create new extraordinary achievements in the new era and new journey, so as to contribute to ya ‘an’s building into the first Sichuan-Tibet Railway city and green development demonstration city.