Yunnan car co-driver door wide open, beauty legs on the door natural and unrestrained running, see people shooting also than ye

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Driving must be careful to drive ten thousand years boat mentality, do not violate the rules to play cool, because the accident fierce than tiger, do not take life as a joke.Because the speed is fast and the road conditions are ever-changing, unexpected things will happen if you do not pay attention to them.Not drunk driving, not tired driving and not dangerous driving are often mentioned in the news and the Internet. However, there are still many people who do not abide by these regulations. Recently, a netizen took a picture of a typical dangerous driving.On February 15, kunming, Yunnan province, a man riding on the road at 4 am saw a dangerous scene: in front of a car door wide open female passenger legs to hold the door.One user said: ‘Was she trying to show off her thin white thighs?Not as fine as I can see?”Now society is open and advanced, as long as it does not violate public order and good customs, many places can let women show their beauty.On the Internet, in the square, on the stage, you can see their beautiful women everywhere, but in a high-speed car, especially open the door of this kind, is not good.Apart from her of the danger, didn’t see the back of the car one thousand, high speed, also may threaten people’s life and property safety, the woman behind the behavior more exaggerated, see the man shoot video cycling overtook supports ms car door, hold the door lady saw cycling men in shooting video, overbearingly than a “yeah”.The woman, who is filming the video, said: ‘Riding up to her, she saw us and opened the door and was going pretty fast, maybe 50 or 60 yards.Then we rode over and she saw us filming and said ‘Yeah!'”Although it is late at night, there may not be so many people, but the traffic laws and rules must be observed at any time, no matter night or day, rain or wind.The woman’s movements were so big that even people outside the car saw them, but the driver had no idea?But did he stop it?No, even though they knew there was a video behind them, they didn’t stop the dangerous behavior.The number of deaths and injuries caused by electric vehicles hitting open car doors has increased this year.The car driver must pay special attention to safety, carelessly your own family, other people’s families have taken in.So the video maker probably couldn’t watch any more, and gave a thumbs up as he tried to pass them, probably ironically.However, the door holder lady was not so sober, and when they rode again, they heard the lady in the car behind them saying that she wanted to challenge 110!First of all, dangerous driving is already a serious offence. Saying such a thing is even worse.They may be because of this because of very “natural”, feel very cattle, just for this little bit of vanity, do such stupid things.Eventually he posted the video online and reported it to the local police.Netizens have also criticized such behavior: some said: one dares to sit, another dares to open!Some say: Adults are responsible for their own actions!Some say: dangerous behavior forbids imitate!It is true that we should criticize such behavior, for it cannot form a model and bring bad results to others.Obviously, leaving the door open is a serious violation. If a woman falls off, she will be injured or killed. It is a joke with her life.This is by no means sensational. On October 8 last year, a man driving a car in Leshan Jingyan, Sichuan province, had his hand broken by a truck.It was a horrible scene!This may seem like a long shot, but it actually happens.Murphy’s Law tells us that any safety accident that can happen will happen sooner or later.Prevention method is to do not have fluke psychology, eliminate the possibility.Life is their own, but hair and skin by their parents, not for their own consideration, but also for their parents to consider, such a desperate move, but also may harm themselves.And finally, kudos to the righteous boy, because his tip could save a life!What do you think about that?Welcome to leave a message.