Bayern Munich international centre-back joined Dortmund in the summer!Take stock of recent transactions between Bayern Dot

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Beijing time late February 7, borussia Dortmund it was officially announced that bayern Munich centre-half together, will be joining the team on a free transfer this summer, the two sides signed a contract to 2026, the 26-year-old together as bayern defender and the Germany international, rather than his ability, but this time there were a lot of fans joined Dortmund decision or confusedMaybe he just wants to secure a regular place in the first team and face more challenges.The deal between Bayern and Dortmund, two of the greatest teams in German football, is not uncommon. Here is a look at some of the most recent transfers between the two clubs.Gotze didn’t quite live up to his talent, but he did have a brilliant career. Coming out of Dortmund’s academy, Gotze won the 2011 Golden Boy award and two Bundesliga titles, but on the eve of the Champions League semi-finals of the 12/13 season,Gotze was officially announced to be joining Bayern next season, which was a shock to many Dortmund fans as he was injured in the semi-final and missed the final against bayern, who finished runners-up.Bayern Munich’s policy to watch, after his team three from the bundesliga champions, two German cup champion, and a club World Cup and the European super cup, but has not won the champions league title, and in the summer of 2016, ce and unexpectedly return to Dortmund, adrift in Munich after three years, the former golden boy finally go home, but since he suffered injuries,Eventually he had to leave home and join PSV eindhoven.More than 2. Lai wan, there is no doubt that levante in recent seasons bayern has obtained great achievement, topped the world footballer of the year and very, but Dortmund is absolutely levante important leg of his career, he was in the summer of 2010 the identity of the premiership golden boot with Poland to join the hornets, the future of the world a front formal appear in people’s field of vision, in more than four years,Lai wan to help the team win the bundesliga champions twice and a German cup and super cup in Germany, but the champions league final defeat in his very lost, so in order to obtain more honor, also in order to have better career, lai wan choose to join bayern Munich on a free transfer in the summer of 2014, unlike grid planning, lai wan leave understanding by a lot of fans,Because he has given his all to Dortmund, Dortmund fans appreciate his contribution to the club and want him to realise his dream, and it has been proved that lewan made the right choice to join Bayern Munich, where he has achieved numerous honours and unprecedented achievements.3. Myers hu hu myers’s career has been passed between two bundesliga, from bayern youth he due to have a few opportunities, and so on loan in 2008, borussia Dortmund, and performed well in 1 and a half years of the loan period, many also choose to his buyout, as the team defender, hu myers as bumblebee armband,In the summer of 2016, Hummels joined Bayern Munich for 35 million euros. In his three years at bayern, hummels was a regular player, winning many domestic titles but failing to reach the Champions League. In 2019, Hummels returned to Borussia Dortmund.But bayern went on to win the treble the following season, perhaps in a twist of fate.One of the brightest young talents in German football, roeder joined Bayern from Eintracht Frankfurt in 2014. He was an ok substitute, but only played for the club for two years. Roeder joined Borussia Dortmund in the summer of 2016, but played very little for the Hornets before returning to Eintracht Frankfurt.Now the 31-year-old is captain of the team, roeder won two Bundesliga titles and two German cups with Bayern Munich and Dortmund.