Chinese traditional color: preliminary study of Parakeet green

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Parrot green, also known as parrot green, is one of the traditional Chinese colors.It belongs to the green system, intermediate color.The colour of the feathers of parakeets, yellow and green with blue.”Ancient jade debate” said: “by copper qin color such as emerald stone, called Parrot green”.So many refer to the color of jade, refers to the color of jadeite slightly transparent or translucent, green delicate and charming, like parrot green feathers.”Chinese ancient Ceramic Atlas” book records: “Parrot green glaze, also known as Ge green, a low temperature decorative glaze color on porcelain during the Kangxi Period of the Qing Dynasty.A Chinese Dictionary: A color.Green as parrot feathers.It’s called “pin-green” for short.There is a record of “Parrot green” in many ancient Chinese books: In Ming Dynasty, Collection of Famous Mountains, Volume 29: Sent officials to Suzhou and Hangzhou to knit 24 pieces of cotton wool, each of which is dyed 30 pieces of red yellow peach red parrot, green, blue, dark, white, purple, jade, yellow, ten pieces in total.Qing Chen wrote “jade” : there is a copper Qin, its color green (color such as cui stone) named Parrot green (copper into the soil, years long is green, jade suitable and adjacent…Yangzhou Fang Records in qing Dynasty volume 1:…The name also.Green official green, oil green, grape green, ha Po green, green onion root green, parakeet green.The jingjiang Scroll, which has a history of nearly 300 years, wears a head scarf with eight characters of freedom and wears parakeet green and sea green.Girdle root silk luo belt in waist, pink black boots pedals under foot…City head such as saw mouth, close to see tile dragon scales.East street peddling Parrot green, west street Shouting sell swallow tail green..Wear one, big red shirt, tracing dragon embroidered phoenix, cover one, Parrot green, moon white single shirt.Qing Dynasty “Da Ba Yi” 11th time: green sand fish skin scabbard, green ornaments, green swallow mouth, parrot green green silk arm.29 篇 :…Pink handkerchief over her head, hand in hand.Dressed in parakeet green and lined with a cross of light blue velvet ropes, the length of a thumb..Red by jacket, purple velvet rope cross trip.Parakeet green sweat towel evil waist, lush green bottom clothes.”Water Margin” the second:…After the brain two taiyuan fu twisted wire gold ring;And a parrotgreen silk gown;Waist tie a civil and martial double raven green;”Jin Ping Mei” chapter 2:…Hanging on the wall.Then he untangled his belt and took off his parakeet silk anacorn and entered the room.Qing “Compendium of Materia Medica Collection” volume eight: green bamboo shoots, namely green bamboo shoots salt soup boiled and dried;Out of Hang Lin ‘an tianmu the best, color such as parrot green.Ming Feng Menglong “Wake up constant words” : how to call yuanyang sash?Originally this sash half is parakeet green, half is goose son yellow, two color synthesis, so call yuanyang sash.There are “parrot green” ancient books record: Song Dynasty Fang Yue compiled “Autumn cliff set” : Kylin red for gold straight, parrot green with double jade stem.The Whole Yuan Song wu Xiyi:…Dancing clothes float Orchid musk warm, ice silk fine woven Paro new.Cui skirt parrot green, embroidered with phoenix grain, jade shop hu Die powder.Qing yongshang old age poem: with the king knot for concentric, the more luo new cut parrot green.From the above ancient records can be seen, “parrot green” appeared at least in the Tang Dynasty, Du Mu poem: “Qiantang parrot green, Wu Xiu partridge spot.”Song and Yuan dynasties have records as colors.In addition to the color of jade, it is more as the color of textile and clothing, which can be proved from many novels in the Ming and Qing Dynasties.In traditional Chinese dyeing, green color is obtained through set dyeing.The method is basically the same, that is, the first indigo base, and then yellow plant dye set.Due to the use of different dyes, dosage and mordant is different, the color and hue are not the same, which has many color words.With respect to “parrot green” dyeing character, this is more beautiful color, the practice of cloth before dyeing is more important, whiteness must be enough, but cannot use fluorescent agent.Indigo bottom color can not be too deep, yellow dye should also choose relatively bright, with alum as a mordant, the method is appropriate, in order to dye the appropriate “parrot green”.In addition, a large number of readers have not formed the habit of praising, I hope you can easily praise after reading, every one of your “praise”, I have as a power!It is not easy to be original, not only the text, but also the plants in the pictures are actually made. I wanted to give up many times.Persistence is a kind of belief, concentration is an attitude.The best support is to share moments