“The most beautiful dancer” Liao Zhi: accidentally take away her legs and daughter, marriage is broken, the current situation how

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If you were a clam, would you be willing to suffer all your life to be a beautiful pearl, or would you rather live comfortably without the pearl?If you want a beautiful pearl, then you need to bear a certain amount of pain.Like a moth to a flame;If you don’t want to suffer, just want to live comfortably, then this life is doomed to mediocrity, no achievement, your life is also lack of wonderful, ordinary and dull.If you think about it, the people at the top of the pyramid, the people who are smart and well-dressed, the successful entrepreneurs who have their own businesses, their own teams, they must have suffered a certain amount of pain along the way.On May 12, 2008, after lunch, she and her mother-in-law were at home playing with their children as usual.There was a deafening noise, and before she knew it, half of her house had collapsed.Then, even more terrifying, she watched her mother-in-law and daughter drown in the rubble, as if a dark hand had taken them away, and she panicked.She groped in the darkness with all her might, and the only thought in her mind was that she must find her daughter at once.Finally, through her efforts and persistence, she finally found her daughter’s cold body.At that moment, she seemed to see a new continent, mood instantly become a little better.She stroked her daughter’s cold body and sang a jingle Bells song, then several more, all of her daughter’s favorite songs.However, she found that her daughter did not respond at all.At that time, she suddenly realized that the sudden earthquake had taken away her beloved daughter, but also her mother-in-law.And she herself is not easy, in the ruins of more than 20 hours, she was finally lucky to be rescued by search and rescue personnel, is escaped.But her daughter and mother-in-law were not so lucky, and they died forever.Although she came back from the jaws of death, she was confronted with a great pain.She was losing her legs, and she needed to make a decision right away and sign a consent form for amputation.At that time, on the one hand, she faced the grief of losing her loved ones, and on the other hand, although she survived, she became a disabled person without legs.She was left with two options: the first was to choose not to wear artificial limbs and to use a wheelchair forever, without pain or freedom because she could not move.The other is to wear prosthetics and go wherever you want, but to suffer and enjoy freedom.Apparently, she chose to suffer, put on her prosthetic legs, and then do what she likes, dance what she wants.She is “the most beautiful broken leg dancer” Liao Zhi.”I want to influence more people with my unique life,” she said. “I believe this is what God made me live for.”Such a positive life experience, a confident and cheerful girl, the world closed a door for her, but she opened a window through her own efforts.With their own strong faith, inspire more people, let them like themselves can come out of sadness, regain the love of life.Normally, if you have survived an earthquake, you probably don’t want to see that kind of scary danger again.People don’t volunteer to go out there and help people if their job doesn’t require it.However, Liao Zhi was not.She was on the contrary, after experiencing the heavy earthquake she, in sichuan again in the earthquake area, she resolutely into the earthquake area, with prosthetic limbs to provide all kinds of help for the scene.For example, send clothes, send food, send generators, set up tents, etc., are within our power.She also modestly said that although his strength is not big, but the situation in the earthquake area he is more familiar with.It may not be of much use, but it will be.And as it turns out, she’s really useful.Her help relieved some of the workload of the staff in the earthquake area, and also restored the confidence of the people in the earthquake area, acting as their spiritual comfort teacher, encouraging them to live strong.When survivors see wearing prosthetic liao Zhi in the earthquake area scene busy, to provide help for the scene, how can not be moved by her strong and perseverance?This is very important, if there is no similar experience of spiritual encouragement and inspiration, some people will have post-earthquake syndrome, feel very confused, very painful, very sad, the whole person is very decadent, there is no hope for the future, lose confidence in life, because the experience of the earthquake took away their original faith.Not only that, she also use their own dance skills, wearing prosthetics hard training, the most pain, she almost can not speak, several times, she almost fell off the drum.Her mother, who accompanied her, wept in a corner when she saw her daughter training hard.Mother distressed unceasingly, the opening advised her daughter to give up.However, Liao Zhi said that it was good to insist on grinding teeth, and then the pain is just 3 hours of pain every day.In this way, she persevered and brought a dance called “Inspiration” to her hometown. After the dance, the audience applauded and recognized her instantly.People praised Liao zhi.You know, she dances with her prosthetic legs on.Secondly, in such a physical condition, every day of training must be more difficult than a healthy person, much more bitter.But even so, she stuck to it and did very well.Moreover, she did not get paid for this charity performance for her hometown, all the money was donated to the earthquake area, to the people in need of earthquake area, to improve their living conditions.This is a way to raise money for my hometown and help people in need.When one day, she realized that her parents could not be with her forever.She was determined to learn to take care of herself, to learn to move freely.So, at first, walking with a prosthetic leg, she felt so much pain that she went home and wanted to throw it away.But then I thought, for my own sake.She pushed herself so hard that every morning when she woke up, she would put on her prosthetic leg and walk around the house to get used to it.Every step, is the heart pain.But eventually, through her own willpower, she broke through the difficulties and got used to the walking pattern and the pain.At that moment, I found that as long as I controlled my fear, I could harvest the joy I wanted.It is with this perseverance and strength that she has got to where she is today, where she has become what most people want her to be.What kind of girl with a good heart and boundless love could do such a good deed.It can be imagined that she is a big love, have a good heart, the heart of others.An able-bodied person doing such a good deed can make people admire, let alone liao Zhi who lost his legs can spread his love, which is very rare.She is full of inspiring positive energy and has a very confident, determined and strong personality.Just like a touch of sunshine in winter, shining into people’s hearts without reservation, warm, very intimate, very touched, very comfortable.She hopes to use her personal experience to influence more people around her, making them full of hope and confidence in life.She is such a different and more beautiful girl.Three before the accident, Liao Zhi and her ex-husband’s feelings also have some problems.It began in the heady youth of 21, when she went to him despite her family’s objections.After marriage, when she welcomed the birth of her daughter, she also discovered the crisis of her marriage with her husband.At that time because her ex-husband derailed, betrayed this marriage, after learning this thing, Liao Zhi also did not how angry or choose to leave.It’s about how to do it better.She felt that maybe she wasn’t good enough for him to be unfaithful to the relationship.When Liao Zhi’s life was on the line in the earthquake, her husband left her alone, regardless of her plight.Perhaps everyone, when they hear of this, will be furious with the husband.However, Liao Zhi admitted that he did not hate him.She said she could understand her husband’s feelings and the pain he felt.Nevertheless, their marriage ended.In 2008, they made it official.Since their only child had died in the accident, the paperwork would have been easy and smooth, with no child custody battles.Perhaps Liao Zhi too love this man, at least than he loves her deeper.At that time, she was facing the dilemma of losing her legs, losing her daughter, and facing the sadness of broken marriage. If a person with a weak heart could not get up after a fall, he would have chosen to walk away.But Liao Zhi is not the same, she did not get up after a fall, but more cheer up.Full of confidence in the future, full of expectations for marriage, she expects that she will meet the most suitable partner for the rest of her life.She’s been waiting, waiting for him to show up.That accident, for her, is like a best lesson, like the best teacher in her life, can inspire her, let her reflect, know what she wants, know what kind of man is more suitable for her, know that there is so full of positive energy and sunshine side.They say a girl who laughs is lucky.Liao Zhi is like this, perhaps because she is lively and cheerful, confident and courageous, full of positive energy, and has a big love side to win the blessing of the goddess of luck.In 2013, she met her ideal partner, a gentleman of Chinese American descent who was her prosthesis maker.They may have met by accident.In my impression, he is a person with a strong sense of responsibility, and also knows how to appreciate and praise others.Maybe it was influenced by western culture.At one point, he left her a note that said: you are a very good girl and I like you very much.When see this piece of paper, Liao Zhi heart very happy, according to the mind of most girls, the meaning of the note is the boy to the girl.However, when he saw her again, careful he may be aware of that note to her expression change.He began to explain that we were just friends.Hearing this explanation, she was a little confused.But as she was in a hurry to get to a party, she hurried off to the party without questioning him.She gave it a lot of thought when she went to the party, but eventually she came around.Always confident and cheerful, she was no exception this time.She felt that if it wasn’t the right person for her, there would be someone else.As good as I am, there must be others.In fact, at that time, she had feelings for him.At that time, he was different from other people. He would get down on one knee to give her a prosthetic leg. He would listen to her past, respect her, understand her, understand her.She thought he was the one for her.So she’s been waiting, waiting for him to really open up to her.Once, one of his elders asked him, do you really like her?He said yes.It is enough to be sure of this, replied the elder.Perhaps the elder’s question had awakened him, or perhaps she was about to leave his city.This time, he finally got up the courage to tell her.He invited her to dinner, and during the meal, he suddenly said to her, “May I ask you to be my girlfriend?”They finally got together and got married eight months later in Vancouver.The wedding scene was warm and romantic, and the day became a major media event.They lived a sweet and happy life after marriage, and he was as gentle and considerate as she expected.Now they are very lucky to have children of their own.She has also become a household name for “the most beautiful dancer with broken legs” and has been influencing more people with her own power.Romain Rolland once said: When there is true love between two people, it is not considered the problem of age, economic conditions, looks of beauty or ugliness, height, and so on external irrelevant factors.If you have this kind of problem, you need to ask yourself whether love is really good first.Liao Zhi’s encounter with her husband may be the result of luck or fate, or other reasons, but at least let us know that she is actually a lucky girl, a girl with strong willpower, but also a positive, optimistic and positive energy girl.She was willing to tell her sad story again and again to cheer people up.Willing to devote themselves to public welfare, charity, to provide people with all kinds of help, willing to believe in love, look forward to love, look forward to a beautiful marriage, and finally have been fulfilled, live a lot of people want to look like, become a career love double harvest lucky girl.Some people often complain about how unfair fate is to them, such as not being born in a rich family, not having a partner who loves them and so on.But look at Liao Zhi, in that unfortunate encounter, she can brave and strong to survive, neither humble nor pushy, neither angry nor arguing.Even the dance teacher in those days felt that there was no hope for her to dance again, but she turned no hope into a great hope, and became a kind person who was ready to help people. Now life is stable, family harmony, food and clothing, and do what they like to do.In addition to the present life, there are poems and distance;Life in addition to bitter sour, sweet and sweet;Life in addition to setbacks, failures, confusion, difficulties, and success, joy, happiness.If you are strong enough, if you work hard enough, if you are disciplined enough, if you insist on doing everything, you will get what you want