The world: dare to love and hate, can up and down, the most humble Qiao Chunyan, why against the wind forward?

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Lei Big Head’s “The World” shows real life.Suffering, bitterness, happiness and bitterness are the laboring people struggling at the bottom of the society. They are the dregs of family affairs. It is a great fortune to be able to live freely.In the drama, so far, the most transparent feeling to live qiao Chunyan, successful career, husband and wife harmony, family happiness, just like has become “light word piece” in everyone envy of the object.So, just at the beginning of a pedicure worker qiao Chunyan with why can all the way up, live out of the self?At the first sight of Qiao Chunyan, she gave people a warm and lively feeling of daring to love and hate.She behaved, and did live up to her looks.Initially to Zhou Bingkun deep root, perhaps love is not so much, just because of the right, she launched a fierce love offensive, zhou Bingkun in a dilemma.Running after, recognize the godmother, looking for a job, and even with the mother and godmother’s calculations, want to cook mature rice, this initiative, no wonder the honest Zhou Bingkun can not resist.I have to say, this girl is so warm and free that it’s hard to get used to.Later met Cao Debao, one side is not how to catch a cold of Zhou Bingkun, one side is hopeful, have a good impression, life background is similar to Cao Debao, she decided to counterplot a wave of Cao Debao, successfully solved his marriage big thing.Qiao Chunyan, who is free and easy in character and dare to love and hate, has her own ideas and is a little smart. She knows what she is pursuing, and she can do it simply and decisively. It is not unreasonable that big things in life can be solved so quickly.Her job is the worst compared with so many of her friends.Similarly, one of her older girls became a pedicure worker in the bathhouse. Compared with others who stayed in the factory, her job was the lowest, but she was able to work hard and actively.Follow the master to learn skills well, learn fine, leng sheng to their own practice in the bath hall indispensable existence.Craft may be shallow, no technical content, even a lot of people disdain for it, but she just became the king of the lowest level.Moreover, in that particular era, what is more commendable is that she always maintained enough political sensitivity and did not give up her study in all aspects because she was engaged in the lowest labor.Lv Chuan wrote over the letter, we all feel that there is no relationship, but she can be acutely aware of the problem at the critical moment, timely destruction and remind everyone, sure enough, Lv Chuan delayed his university because of writing, and they these small partners are escaped.Aggressive, can up and down, sharp wit, pedicurist or director, this free and easy and cheerful girl, can do very well, seriously, how can not make a difference?In fact, the most precious thing about Qiao Chunyan is her kindness. What is more valuable is that this kind of kindness is inherited from her family.Week mother sudden cerebral hemorrhage, Joe mother warm-hearted obligation to take care of, help bing Kun think countermeasures, take care of the elderly children, good sisterly friendship is no doubt.Zhou Bingkun because feng Huarong was arrested after release, she helped Bingkun in public in front of the neighbors to clarify the truth, further avoid bingkun future may face embarrassment.As the daughter of Qiao Chunyan, will be his mother on the kind-hearted enthusiasm perfect inherited down.Whether it is to maintain Zheng Juan, give Zheng Juan platform in line for water, use their influence to help Zheng Juan stand in the week, or in bingkun after prison to help take care of the week mother, teach Zheng Juan their craft.Chunyan’s kind heart is incisively and vividly displayed.As a result, it is no wonder that she was able to go from an ordinary pedicurist to a director and become a prominent presence in “light film”.No one can casually succeed, now all points on the room, when the director of the Spring Yan, she is really worthy of this glory!Seihand: life is colorful, share feeling together!