There are so many whole-house homes to choose, why did Erry choose Aqara?

2022-06-30 0 By

At present, there are many brands that make whole-house intelligence, including Huawei, Xiaomi and so on, as well as some mature enterprises, such as Ourebo.So, why did iResearch, the authoritative data research institution in China, choose Aqara as the object of the research report?Let me explain it to you.China’s first full-house intelligent industry white paper research report, full name is “China full-house Intelligent Industry Research White Paper”.This report is by IResearch to drink Aqara research published together, the results are really more surprising.Maybe you don’t have a whole house yet. Maybe you have a classmate or an automatic fan?In fact, the whole home industry is already moving to phase 3.0.The so-called 3.0, that is, through the way of multi-sensor layout, to achieve the whole room sensing experience, truly achieve the experience of “thousands of people”.The most direct example.Maybe you chose the old smart home, which gave you the APP to control everything.Phase 3.0 is when you enter the room, you feel your body temperature is too hot, and you turn down the temperature.Or when you go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, sensors in the room automatically sense when you wake up and turn on the lights to keep you out of the dark.In fact, when it comes to phase 3.0, it is not a model. This era is a concept proposed by Aqara.Aqara green Rice’s approach is that online single product explosion – offline whole house sales model, you see the good online, can also buy offline, and offline to show you, so as to form the best experience of whole house intelligent case.Iresearch chose Aqara Green Rice as the benchmark case of this white paper, which is to see this point. The adaptive whole-house intelligence is indeed Aqara’s obvious advantage over other brands.Gateway, controller, sensor, lighting, door lock and other more than 30 categories, more than 500 products, and obtained a number of AI patent technology, these configurations can be learned according to user habits, deeply customized experience is really quite differentiated.In addition, Aqara green Rice also supports both Android and Apple brands.Being able to access Apple HomeKit means I can use some smart features directly from my iPhone, avoiding downloading a bunch of tedious apps.I also noticed that Aqara Greenmi now has 600 Aqara Home smart Home experience centers in China. Some smart products really need to be experienced before they are good or bad, which is also a bright spot of the brand.The White Paper on China’s Whole House Intelligence Industry has also mentioned many times that service is the key to whole house intelligence.There is no good service, no good pre – and post-sale experience, talk about intelligent experience is empty talk.This is exactly where Aqara green Rice is superior to other brands. After all, EVEN shopping malls in second and third-tier cities like me can see Aqara, which is enough to be an inevitable choice for home decoration intelligent equipment.