Welcome to the new GS8 for a test drive

2022-06-30 0 By

Refers to the sky, roam the vast heaven and earth, all connected, conquer the boundaries of time and space, every great breakthrough for the first time is the time to conquer the upgrade and challenges, new second generation GS8 wang zhe came, shock, atmospheric appearance style new design language “star ling shadows” match a well-formed head lamp eye of the “conquer” industrial integration of aesthetic feeling and sense of science and technology create the beauty of the future;”Qianwei wing” + “Dragon scale wing” double grid design to meet your demand for temperament, the new color ink seal green combined with the warm and thick ink jade and tourmaline clear luster, elegant and noble, everyone style;Powerful motion control, from the heart and control, the new second generation GS8 has fuel version and hybrid version of two models, the fuel version carries The Giant wave power 2.0T GDI engine, aixin third generation 8AT powertrain, abundant power support, vertical engine gallop;The hybrid version is equipped with a 2.0TM engine with a thermal efficiency of 40.23%, and the fourth-generation THS hybrid power system of Feng Tian. In the limit state, the driving range of one tank of oil reaches 2022km*, realizing the AVDC shadow driver strength of both strong power and low fuel consumption.(GAC Adaptive Vehicle Dynamic Control System) with real-time drivability regulation, curve dynamic control, driver intent recognition three modules to achieve industry-leading vehicle adaptive dynamic control, so that large SUVs can also have a more sensitive and safer driving experience.Science and technology support, wisdom leading machine;The new second-generation GS8, equipped with ADiGO 4.0 smart driving ecosystem, uses AI, AR, big data and 5G connectivity to empower the cockpit with advanced awareness, active service and the integration of five senses, bringing immersive intelligent interactive experience to the whole scene and process.Interested friends can go to the shop consultation to buy. Tianjin Airport Jinguang shop to help you easily get gaC Trumpchi car, details consultation: 022-58097000!Address: Zeng1, No. 8, Huanhe West Road, Airport Economic Zone, Tianjin, China (behind the former Che Wang Used Car