Yin Bo: Inside three jie tired, high speed restart old ha singles mode to play a glorious defeat

2022-06-30 0 By

Another glorious defeat!Shandong Expressway was doubled by Marco Polo of Shenzhen, losing by 3 points in the last round and only 5 points in this round, the two rounds were close but the process was very different.Xu changsuo and his disciples are still riding on the threshold of the playoffs, although the shenzhen game is not in their must-win plan, but there are only four games left in the regular season, at least two of them speedway to win, the pressure is not the least lessening.(expression recovery) Shenzhen undoubtedly learned the lesson of the last round almost by high-speed unhorse, focus on the inside to strengthen the suppression of high-speed, to open the situation outside the space.Last time, the lack of high-speed TaoHanLin inside should be significantly less than have Shen Zijie and France shenzhen inside, but high-speed 3 4 players Gu Cheng, JiaoHaiLong and radley walter teamed up with a beautiful post war, forcing Shen Zijie efficiency, reduce, almost in France, lost inside guarantee outside shooting devoid of shenzhen,If it is not the end of the very lucky seconds, one-upmanship of Shenzhen is likely to be at high speed under the fall.(Basketball is a team sport) After that, jia Cheng, Jiao Hailong, especially Gilenwater, the inside line combination of the three continued to perform well. They defeated Beijing Guoan in succession and defeated Fujian, the only loser among the five opponents in the third stage of the regular season, making the once critical playoff qualification situation turn a corner after three consecutive defeats.However, in Shenzhen, physical exhaustion of the inside three jie finally showed fatigue, 3 people data and efficiency dropped significantly, become the decisive factor of the high-speed final defeat in Shenzhen.Jia scored six points and six rebounds in 36 minutes, Jiao scored four points, nine rebounds and two assists in 18 minutes, and Guillenwalt scored nine points, four rebounds and two assists in 18 minutes, all well below his averages in the previous three games.Hudson stepped up and finished with 38 points, 10 rebounds and 8 assists in 29 minutes, leading the team in all three, including 8 of 16 3-point attempts, to relive his team’s absolute dominance.Especially grabbed the number of rebounds more than 3 inside, it can be said to carry the team forward with their own strength.In the previous four games, old ha continued to shine against Shenzhen and Beijing, the game against Fujian was in a slump, the playing time was limited, but it is precisely this point, so that he got a relatively full rest, regroup after the magic.With the age of 38 years old, it is unrealistic to ask him to have excellent play in every game. In the face of weak opponents, xu Changsuo should try to reduce his consumption.Another example of waiting for something to do is Ding Yanyuhang.Before xiao Ding missed the shenzhen, Fujian two games, in Beijing only as a substitute to play 24 minutes, physical reserves sufficient, this game in Shenzhen, teammates are generally tired, state decline, Xiao Ding took more responsibility, 26 minutes scored 15 points and 4 help, is the only team after the old ha in double figures.His 6-of-7 shooting from 2-point range was the best he’s made since returning this season.This also provides a new idea for xu long lock to use xiaoding.Xiao Ding is in his prime, but because of his physical condition, it is not advisable to let him start the first team in a row, with a game off may be a better choice.Next Tuesday’s second-round matchup with Tianjin is a do-or-die playoff qualifier for the Speedsters.Because in the last 3 games, there is no doubt that the high-speed win fujian, Beijing and Guangdong have the hope of winning, the probability of losing is not small.Must win two games of high speed, can only strive to grab a victory from the relatively weak Tianjin body.Look forward to the inside three jie full blood return, old Ha Xiaoding clenched his teeth to fight once again.